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The Vortigon's Chaos is the organized villainous group obviously lead by Vortigon, from the Chaos Faction game and it's sequel.


In Chaos Faction, once every battle has been played out, the player must battle against the villainous Vortigon, which is located in the Universe City. During the battle, Vortigon would use it's bombs to kill the player. If the player defeats the Vortigon, the player unlocks Vortigon and can use it in-game.

In Chaos Faction 2, Vortigon's Chaos, appears in the final-battle, which is apart of the 3rd campaign zone. The final-battle is located in the Chaos Tower. Once entered inside, the player must battle against Vortigon's minions known as Minigons. The player has to defeat four Minigons in order to proceed to the final battle. The final battle is with the Vortigon's sidekick known as Hypergon. Player must defeat the Hypergon in order to win all the zones.

If the player defeats the Hypergon, Hypergon would transform into lightness and let the player unlock both a Minigon and the Hypergon. If the player manages to unlock every single achievement of the game, the player would unlock finally the Vortigon.


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