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Vought-American, also known as Vought-America, Vought Industries or simply Vought is an organization created by the Nazis during World War 2.

They serve as the main antagonistic faction in the comic book series The Boys and its 2019 Amazon Prime TV adaptation.

They are responsible for many of the superhuman groups that exist in the world of The Boys. They're mostly responsible for the creation of The Seven and created them in order to gain profit and money by manipulating the public in believing they're a superhero team.

In the comics, after the dissolve of The Seven including the deaths of Black Noir, Homelander and the company's owner, James Stillwell, it's unknown what happened to the company but it's most likely that Vought was disbanded after the fall of the superhuman groups.


The Seven



Teenage Kix



  • Vought is the only organization that isn't a parody of a Marvel or DC property.


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