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Vox is one of the main antagonists of the adult animated black comedy web series Hazbin Hotel. He is an overlord of Hell and Alastor's arch-enemy. He appears in the second chapter of the prequel web comic, which is centered on Alastor, as well as the pilot episode.

The writers of Hazbin Hotel have confirmed that Vox will be one of the main antagonists of the series, along with Valentino. His personality has been described as being the opposite of Alastor's. He would also be known as the "TV Demon" in contrast to Alastor's title as "Radio Demon", and now owns all of Hell's TV stations.


Vox was once a normal human in the 50s. After he died, he was reborn in Hell as a powerful demon and later became one of the overlords of Hell. At some point in time, he met Alastor and they became rivals.

In the pilot episode "That's Entertainment", he is first seen hiding from the Exterminators alongside Valentino and Velvet, with the latter taking a picture of him to his dismay. He and the other overloads of Hell appear in a flashback when Vaggie tells Angel Dust who Alastor is.

Powers and Abilities

Vox is one of the most powerful lords of Hell and is on top of one of the villain/overlord hierarchy. He could cause a Blackout in all of Hell if he wanted to.




  • The word "vox" is the shortened version of the word "vocals". It may also be the shortened version of the Latin word vox, meaning "voice".
  • Vox and Alastor do not get along due to their different views on technology. Despite this, he has a massive crush on Alastor.
  • Faustie, one of the show writers, has confirmed that he will be one of the main antagonists of Hazbin Hotel. Vox was described as one of the larger scope villains in the series.
  • Velvet once mentioned on one of Blitzo's art streams that Vox and Valentino recently broke up. This could possibly imply that Vox and Valentino were in a relationship, further messages also from the live stream implies it as a romantic one. Though from the pictures on the Val and Vox's instagram's, this relationship is abusive, as Val breaks Vox's screen for small and petty reasons, seemingly belittling him and comparing him to a TV to replace.
  • Vox owns a pet hammerhead shark named Vark.
  • Vox's Instagram is @voxtagram_8k
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