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Vuk: The X-Men fear you. And what they don’t understand, they fear. And what they fear…

Jean Grey: They seek to destroy.

~ Vuk influencing Jean Grey against the X-Men.
Are you scared, little girl, who answers to a man in a chair? Or are you the most powerful creature on the planet?
~ Vuk to Jean Grey about Charles Xavier - her most famous line.

Vuk, under the identity of Smith, is the main antagonist of the 2019 superhero film X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the final installment of the X-Men's film series. It is the leader of the D'Bari, a race of extraterrestrials who were near-extincted when the Phoenix Force absorbs their sun, who manages to manipulate Jean Grey to transform the Earth in a new world for her race. 

It wass portrayed by Jessica Chastain, who also portrayed Lady Lucille Sharpe Crimson Peak.




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