Vulcan is an antagonist in Disney's Fantasia, appearing as the secondary antagonist in the Pastoral Symphony segment. He is the Greek God of Fire who serves as the right-hand man to Zeus (the King of the Greek Gods).

While the segments all have no dialogue in the entire film, the segment's music was performed by the late Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra.


When Zeus decided to crash Bacchus' party by creating a thunderstorm for his own amusement, Vulcan was called in to create strong lightning bolts to help him out.

Vulcan happily does so as he pounds enough lightning bolts with his hammer before giving them to Zeus, who happily throws them into the land. Even the wind deity Boreas helps out by blowing Bacchus twice before the latter hides away.

Eventually, Zeus felt tired and falls asleep, and Vulcan briefly throws away a spare lightning bolt for his amusement before disappearing away with Boreas, never to be seen again.


  • Though Vulcan is the appropriate name for the Roman God of Fire, he is called Hephaestus in Greece.
  • Just like Zeus, Vulcan is one of the two depictions of the character in a Disney animated feature. Unlike his noble, jolly, laid-back and good-natured counterpart (known as Hephaestus) from that would appear 56 years later in 1997's Hercules, this counterpart of Vulcan is aggressive, arrogant and mischievous.


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