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(Mazeka: This isn't one of your epic fables. You're a thief and a murderer, Vultraz. You killed an entire village of Matoran who never did a thing to you.) Except have something I wanted – an intact lava-gem, a rare find on the Tren Krom Peninsula. They didn't want to give it up... thought it appeased the volcano or some such thing, kept it from erupting ... a few well-timed explosions and one sea of lava later, and they found out how wrong they were
~ Vultraz during an confrontation with his foe and rival Mazeka


Vultraz is one of the antagonists in the BIONICLE series as well as the main antagonist in the side story, Brothers in Arms. He is a malevolent, treacherous, and manipulative Ta-Matoran of the Tren Krom Peninsula before he became the Shadow Matoran who later worked as the servant of the Brotherhood of Makuta. He is also responsible through his deeds for the death of Mazeka's mentor, which caused the latter to hunt him down.


Vultraz was a Ta-Matoran who lived on the Tren Krom Peninsula as he gained his reputation as a criminal. He also killed Mazeka's mentor to steal is research, which included the theories about how the Great Beings created the Makuta species, and later murdered the entire village to obtain the rare lava-gem. His actions eventually led Mazeka to wish to bring him to justice and as the result the two clashed in many occasions. Five years later, Mazeka managed to defeat Vultraz by kicking him over the cliff, where the Ta-Matoran seemingly fall to his death.

Working for the Brotherhood of Makuta

Vultraz was happened to survive the fall but he was heavily damaged. He was then saved by a Rahi sent by Gorast, a female Makuta who worked for the Brotherhood of Makuta. She then rebuilt him so that he would no longer be recognizable. At some point Icarax turned Vultraz into a Shadow Matoran using a Shadow Leech. 

Melding Alternate Universe

In yet another a confrontation with his enemy Mazeka, both Vultraz and his enemy was transported by a portal to an alternate timeline where Makuta Teridax and the rest of the Brotherhood of Makuta never betrayed Mata Nui. Vultraz was then held captured in that said alternate universe and being experimented on by alternate Chirox and Vamprah for seemingly an eternity.


  • He was one of the Matoran that served as the villain alongside Ahkmou, Radiak, Gavla, Kirop and Vican. However, Ahkmou himself was not one of the Shadow Matoran. 
  • Vultraz's mask was also similar to Icarax's Mask of Scavenging and Kalmah's head.


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