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And these tragic bombings, tsk. Dragons are dying and she hasn't done one thing about it. She has no idea who's responsible. If she even cares. But I do. I have found the culprits! I am the only one who can protect our tribe.
~ Darkness of Dragons, page 83

Vulture is a minor antagonist in the Wings of Fire series and a major antagonist in the tenth book in the series, Darkness of Dragons. He is a male SandWing and the crime lord leader of the Talons of Power. His compound in the Scorpion Den has mines, treasure, gems, traps, as well as an observatory, treasury, oubliette and pavilion. He got Onyx to kidnap Ostrich to lure Qibli to him in order for him and Cobra to trick Qibli. It is unknown what happened to Vulture after Darkstalker enchanted him and made him disappear.


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