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There's nothing to fear but fear itself.
~ Walter "W.E." Slaughter

W.E. Slaughter is the secondary antagonist in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation. He is the brother of Leatherface and Vilmer Slaughter. He is also some sort of brother-in-law of Darla.


He first appears helding Sean, while Leatherface attacks Heather. Barry locks him outside the house, only to be killed by Leatherface inside, W.E. is later called by Darla to bring a plastic bag at her work to capture Jenny. He later goes home, where he teases Leatherface with a cattle prod.

Walter is later seen eating pizza, when Vilmer goes angry and insane, he attacks W.E. with a hammer and presumaly killing him.


  • He is a counterpart of Drayton Sawyer.
  • Some persons think that he is W.E. Sawyer, however, that's not true, W.E. Sawyer only appears in TCM3
  • He is the first villain of the franchise to be killed by another villain, he is killed by his own brother, Vilmer Slaughter.
    • It is unknown if he was killed or knocked out.


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