WD40 is a minor antagonist in Space Quest 5: The Next Mutation and is a female android that seeks revenge on Roger for previous transgressions against her kind in Space Quest II.

WD 40 pursues Roger across space using an advanced ship complete with a cloaking device, eventually confronting Roger and the crew of the Eureka - threatening to destroy the ship if Roger does not beam down to a nearby planet to face her wrath.

Roger is left with little choice and beams down to the alien planet, WD40 proceeds to stalk him and attempts to kill him with optical laser beams, however he knocks her off a cliff using a rock and into a pool of water, she survives but has her in-built cloaking device disarmed as a result.

Roger manages to finally defeat her by using a bananna to clog her jet pack, causing it to explode - in the process she literally falls apart.

However despite her hostility Cliffy insists on repairing her later in the game, believing she can become a valuable member of the crew despite the "misunderstanding" between her and Roger.

Sure enough with a little reprogramming on Cliffy's part WD40 becomes an ally and even manages to save Roger from the Goliath's mutated crew members in the later stages of the game (where it is revealed she has powerful fguns installed in her somewhat exaggerated breasts).

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