WW Waritcho is an Archaeopteryx-themed monster and is the main antagonist in episode 20 of 1996 TV series called Gekisou Sentai Carranger.

He is voiced by Shun Yashiro, who previously voiced Messerjuu from Bioman, a Guild Brain from Liveman and later voiced Geltgelt from Gingaman.


Waritcho is Bowzock's best excavator. He was sent to find the legendary vehicles Pegasus Thunder and Dragon Cruiser and did so after being sent out for excavating by Ritchihiker.

He made his first appearance in outer space searching for the said two legendary vehicles in outer space as he does so he'd unknowingly sat on a Meteor that has the symbol on it releasing the two vehicles as he chased them to Earth.

Once arriving on the said planet he, Zelmoda and couple of Combatant Wumpers managed to catch up to the vehicles to a factory however as soon the as the Wumpers were about to get into the vehicles the two cars managed to drive off on their own. However Waritcho managed to snatch one of vehicles and Naoki after that they left the area and see if one of the members will tame this vehicle.

A while later they appeared at the empty warehouse with the dragon cruiser chained up. As soon as they were about to "dissect" the vehicle Naoki interfered and they accidentally freed him so the Dragon Cruiser made some loud noise that are hurting to the Bowzock's ear causing them to cover them as the vehicle and Naoki made a quick getaway.

As soon the others showed up Waritcho sends out the Wumpers and their vehicles to take on those tamed vehicles which they end up destroyed leaving Waritcho to take on the said vehicles himself while flying in the air. However the Dragon Cruiser managed to used its "Dragon Claw" to hold Waritcho in place while Pegasus Thunder finished him off with its Final Burning.


WW Waritcho is the Bowzock's best excavator and very proud of that fact. But despite that, he can easily get discouraged like wanting to stop his search not long after starting. He is also not that observant, proved by him sitting on the ancient seal he was looking for without noticing.

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