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I'm glad it was you... Lions Mike.
~ Wade Jennings' last words to Mike before succumbing to his injuries.

Wade Jennings is the central antagonist of Angel Has Fallen.

He was a former Army Ranger turned head of the rogue private military company, Salient Global, and also Mike Banning's old friend and commanding officer turned arch-enemy.

He was portrayed by Danny Huston, who also played The Axeman in American Horror Story: Coven, Erich Ludendorff in Wonder Woman, Victor Maynott in A Monster in Paris, William Stryker in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Marlow Roderick in 30 Days of Night.


Early life

Wade Jennings was born in England. After his graduation from school, Jennings moved to the United States and served with Michael Jameson "Mike" Banning in the Army Rangers. The duo shared a friendship while serving in the same unit together with Jennings as Mike's commanding officer.

After his military service, Jennings founded Salient Global, a private military company based in Virginia. The company had since been sidelined due to the government investigations. In response, he secretly collaborated with the government insider, later revealed to be Vice President Martin Kirby, in a plot to assassinate President Allan Trumbull, who was against using private military companies on missions, and used someone as a scapegoat to be framed as a mole for the Russian government, which would allow the U.S. to retaliate against Russia and have Salient Global mercenaries among them involved in attacking Russia.

Angel Has Fallen

Jennings and his head of security, Travis Cole, supervised the training of his former fellow Army Ranger and best friend, Mike Banning. Then, he shot a paint ball on Mike's vest, ending the training and congratulating him for lasting for a long period of time. His subordinate Bruno got into the argument with Banning when he confronted him for kicking down the stairs, but Jennings stopped the argument. Then, he walked Banning to his car and asked if he could speak to President Trumbull about trying to remove Salient Global from being investigated and Banning said he would try to do that.

Jennings later visited Banning, his wife Leah and their daughter Lynne in their residence. He talked about how they served as Army Rangers, making a origami dog for Lynne. In the back yard, Jennings spoke to Banning about how he was feeling about taking the job as Director of Secret Service. He further said that they were all missing the action that they did as Rangers.

Days later, Jennings launched a drone attack that killed most of the Secret Service agents and injured both President Trumbull and Banning. His men planted evidence using DNA they took from Banning during his training exercise with them, framing him for the assassination attempt. Planning to make him 'disappear' and staging a breakout, Jennings sent Bruno and three other commando teams to capture him, killing his escorting Marshals. However, Banning managed to overpower and killed them.

After the botched operation, his insider berated Jennings for only putting Trumbull in the coma and his failure to kill Banning, saying that it was because of his personal connections with him. He assured his handler that he had it under control and he would finish Trumbull off soon. He ordered Cole and his men to search any resources to find Banning.

Unable to find his former friend and learning that the authorities could not find him either, Jennings ordered his men to check out his history and look for clues to find him. In their research, they found that Banning kept an eye on his father named Clay Banning, who was a decorated Army Ranger and Vietnam vet/tunnel rat and is living in the woods in West Virginia. He sent his men to the cabin, but they were all killed by Clay's explosives planted around his house.

The next morning, Cole received a phone call from Frost. Jennings realized it is not their man and had it put through on speaker. Banning confronted his former friend on why he would do all this and Jennings confessed that Trumbull was planning to ban all private military companies from doing mission assignments and felt that he was bringing the U.S. down without their help. Banning told Jennings that he did not have to worry about finding him and that he would find him before hanging up.

While speaking to his government insider who told him that Trumbull came out of his coma, Jennings watched the news of Kirby announcing that Banning was responsible for Trumbull's assassination attempt with help from the Russian government, making him realize that Kirby was his government insider and was planning to retaliate against Russia, using Salient Global as the paramilitary organization to attack Russia. He told Kirby that he and his forces would finish Trumbull off soon.

Jennings and Cole learned that the FBI helicopter was coming into their base. He and Cole met up with Agents Helen Thompson and Ramirez. Thompson confronted Jennings about what was the last time he saw Banning. Then, he and Cole fatally shot both the FBI agents and the pilot of the helicopter. Jennings informed Cole that they had to empty their base and, once they took out Trumbull, they had to get out of the country and disappear forever. With that, they and the remaining commandos headed for the hospital where Trumbull was being treated.

Jennings had his hacker increase the nitrogen and oxygen supply in the hospital's ICU to unstable level, which would destroy the hospital with Trumbull inside. As they arrived, they saw the hospital was being evacuated and blocked the vehicle with Trumbull, Banning, Secret Service Director David Gentry and other agents inside. During the massive firefight that resulted in heavy fatalities on both sides, Jennings spotted Banning getting Trumbull to the next building and aimed his assault rifle at the president's head and opened fire, but it accidentally hit White House Chief of Staff Sam Wilcox in the head and missed Trumbull as the hospital exploded, causing it to demolish.

Jennings, Cole and the remaining commandos pursued them to the next building. They noticed some more agents barricaded in the door. After a long firefight, they took them out. Jennings, Cole and other commandos search the office for Trumbull. With no signs of him, Jennings realized that Banning had deceived them as he hid both Trumbull and Gentry in a different office.

After seeing some of his men captured by the joint civil-military authorities, Jennings called the helicopter to pick him, Cole and their commandos up on the helipad. After throwing a hand grenade at Banning to buy more time, Jennings, Cole and the others were about to evacuate when Banning fired the grenade launcher at the helicopter, killing Cole and the remnants of his men.

After a long firefight on the rooftop, Jennings quickly engaged in a brutal hand-to-hand combat with Banning which ended with Jennings being stabbed in the side, causing him to bleed out profusely. Jennings acknowledged his old friend as he died from blood loss.

Prior to his death, Jennings had prepared his most important insurance; storing detailed files of his dealings with Kirby together, allowing Trumbull to arrest the corrupt Vice President afterwards.


Wade Jennings used to be a good man and a soldier when he served with Mike Banning in the Army Rangers, especially when he liked to recall his and Mike's days in the military to Mike's wife Leah during their conversion with the Banning family at their residence. He even gave a origami dog to Mike and Leah's daughter Lynne as a sign of good gesture.

However, after revealing his true nature, the friendship between Mike and Jennings had fallen apart due to his long-term plan of framing his old friend for the attempted assassination of Mike's most trusted commander-in-chief President Allan Trumbull. In spite of this, Jennings genuinely admired Mike of his skills; even when finally being mortally wounded by Mike, Jennings still showed his respect by admitting that's he glad that it was Mike who delivered the final blow on him.



  • Originally, Holt McCallany was going to play the role of Wade Jennings, but was replaced by Danny Huston.
  • This is the third time that Danny Huston has played a character that gets mortally wounded and dies in front of the camera, the other films that featured this were Edge of Darkness and The Proposition.
  • Wade Jennings is the second of Mike Banning's friends and fellow workers to turn against him and betraying their country, the first was Dave Forbes.

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