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Wagataku is an antagonist in Juken Sentai Gekiranger. It is a Confrontation Fist Machine Soldier and Rio's minion.


When Wagataku is created by Kata, Rio uses him and Butoka to keep Jyan and Retsu at bay while he faces off with Ran. After that, Rio won the battle. Later on, Mele sends the Confrontation Machine Soldiers to aid Rio, with Ran and Retu following Jan's example and become Super Geki Yellow and Super Geki Blue.

With their new power, Restu and Ran are able to destroy Butoka and Wagataku, while Jan deals a finishing blow to Rio, defeating him. As the gang pursue to free Xia Fu, Mele attempts to hold a furious Rio back. At Mele's behest, Kata and Rageku use the Rinki they gathered to reconstruct Butoka and Wagataku into giants. The Super Gekirangers call upon their new Super Geki Beasts along with the other Geki Beasts and they destroy Wagataku.

While Wagataku itself is never seen again, various copies of the robot were unearthed and used by Maku in an attempt to defeat the heroes.

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