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Waggs is a squirrel who lives in Oakdale Meadow and a supporting antagonist from the film Once Upon a Forest. He is first seen fighting with the fieldmouse Willy over an acorn. He seems to have something against badgers, hedgehogs, mice, and almost any other animal that isn't a squirrel. Initially Waggs doubts that the furlings (the protagonist trio of Abigail, Russel and Edgar) will be able to build a flying machine in order to get to the eyebright plant up on the side of a nearby cliff. His rival Willy, however, believes in them. When they succeed, he is disappointed and silent. It is not told what happened to him after the Furlings saved Michelle. Probably got left behind. He is voiced by Charlie Alder.


Waggs is a mean squirrel who has something against badgers and believes squirrels are superior to other animals. He loves to be himself and pick fights.


  • Waggs is the leader of Oakdale.
  • Waggs is voiced by Charlie Adler.
  • He's the only villain of the movie who does evil on purpose; the main antagonists of the film are humans, but it is shown that they aren't harming the forest creatures on purpose, and even come to clean up the destruction left by their chemical gas leak toward the end. There's also a one-eyed owl who tries to eat the furlings, but it could be argued he was following his instincts.
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