Isn't that wonderful? A good memory to have for your short-lived life. Farewell, Emperor!
~ Wagnas

Wagnas is the main antagonist from Romancing SaGa 2.


Wagnas is the leader of the Seven Heroes. During their time, the world faced a grave crisis, so much the Ancients' only option was to create an interdimensional portal and flee to another world. Unwilling to just leave their world behind, Wagnas and his closest friend Noel did research on Assimilation Magic, a form of magic which allowed the Ancients to exchange bodies and thus live forever, coming with the idea of creating powerful monster bodies for themselves. Noel recruited others to their cause and they then formed the Seven Heroes, who then successfully saved the world.

However, their use of assimilation made them way too powerful and slowly corrupted their souls, so the other Ancients banished them into the Abyss, further corrupting them beyond salvation. Wagnas nurtured a deep hatred against the Ancients and, now nothing more than a friend, convinced the others to exact revenge and take over the world. Centuries later, the Heroes' souls are able to escape the Abyss and they immediately set their plot into motion.

Wagnas moves to the region of Jauda, where he builds the Haruko castle to serve as his base of operations, organizing his minions to march into Chonto Castle and the towns of Yuyan and Liangshan. Once the Emperor arrives in Jauda, he has a meeting in chonto Castle with the shogun, Lord Ato, who defiantly expels the Emperor saying he had no plans of joining the Empire. His advisor, Sekishusei, starts an argument, however, telling him that the Emperor would just march his troops to take them over by force, so Ato comes with the idea of pretending to join Wagnas and then just put the two against each other. Wagnas sees through Ato's plan, however, and sends his minions to kill him.

Once the Emperor returns to the castle he fights through Wagnas's minions, reaching Ato and Sekishusei, who had been holding the monsters back. Sekishusei decides to defend his lord and duels with the Emperor but ends defeated, asking the Emperor to spare Ato before dying. The Emperor complies and decides to attack Haruko Castle to settle the score with Wagnas.

However, once there Wagnas taunts the Emperor and rips the entire castle from the ground, forcing the Emperor to either use the wind-making machine from the inventor Hiraga or to ask for the help of the Irises which live on Mt. Chikapa, who will willingly help since Wagnas had enslaved many of their kind. The Emperor fights through the floating castle and reaches Wagnas again, who mockingly asks if he enjoyed the trip before attacking. Wagnas is defeated, and with his threat over Jauda joins the Empire.

Much like the other Heroes, Wagnas returns in the final dungeon, where they all fuse together for the final fight.


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