You're all getting Grand Slamwiches. They're very popular.
~ The Waitress to the Pink & Blue Unicorns.

The Waitress is a recurring character in Charlie teh Unicron, a series of spin-off videos of Jason Steele's Charlie the Unicorn series. She can be considered the main antagonist in Charlie the Unicron.

She first appears in Charlie teh Unicron 2, working at the Denny's that the unicorns and the Banana King all go to. She explains what the Grand Slamwich is, and none of them find it appealing. The blue unicorn decides to get pancakes, but the waitress says she's going to give them all grand slamwiches anyway, much to the displeasure of all of them.

She returns in Charlie teh Unicron 3, this time working at Red Lobster, where the unicorns go, this time with Starfish's Cousin. They're all waiting for an order of cheddar biscuits, to which she informs them that they were out of them. She then offers to bring them "a nice warm basket of grand slamwiches", which makes the pink and blue unicorns scream, "NOOOOOO!"

She comes back in Charlie teh Unicron 4 (which parodies Star Trek) as the captain of the ship assaulting the unicorns' ship. When the unicorns refuse to surrender, her ship fires a grand slamwich at the unicorns' ship, which forces them to abandon their ship.