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Walakea is a posthumous antagonist in The Shadow Over Innsmouth.


Walakea was the chief of a tribe of people who lived in the Pacific islands in the nineteenth century. He was the chief when the island was visited by an American voyage captained by Obed Marsh. Obed witnessed that the tribe had strange stone idols on their islands, resembling the famous Easter Island statues. They also had a steady supply of fish that they caught every day despite the other islands having almost no fish. They wore golden jewellery that had carvings of monsters on it, and nobody knew how they got it.

Obed spoke to Walakea about trading the gold with them, and eventually got him to admit how they got it. The tribe sacrificed young men and women to monsters called the Deep Ones, represented by the images carved onto the gold, and in return received gold trinkets and a steady supply of fish. They also bred nigh-immortal human-Deep One hybrids that would one day rise up and conquer the world for Father Dagon. Walakea agreed to trade with Obed, who regularly returned to the island for the islander's gold. He also taught Obed the rites for summoning the Deep Ones using a lead object.

However, it transpired that one year Obed returned to the island and found it uninhabited. The peoples of the surrounding islands, who were mostly Christian and feared the Deep Ones, had discovered the pagan rituals of Walakea's tribe and wiped them out in a pitched battle. Obed demanded to know what had happened, but the other tribes wouldn't even admit that Walakea and his tribe had ever existed.

Despite his death, Walakea was able to spread the influence of the Deep Ones when Obed decided to begin worshipping them himself in order to regain the wealth he lost when the tribe was wiped out, forcing women to breed with the Deep Ones and becoming more evil than Walakea ever was.


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