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Watch it, bub!
~ Waldo to Alfalfa
You'll be hearing from my lawyers.
~ Waldo to Darla

Waldo Aloysius Johnston III, also known by his first name Waldo, is the secondary antagonist in the 1994 comedy-family film The Little Rascals. He was the new boyfriend of Darla. He became the main antagonist in The Little Rascals: Save The Day, and tried to cheat in a talent competition.

He was portrayed by Blake McIver Ewing.


The Little Rascals

Waldo Aloysius Johnston III is the rich snobbish rival to Alfalfa, he picked up Darla after the He-Man Woman-Haters' clubhouse caught on fire. He sabotaged Alfalfa at the talent show by putting dish soap in his water and tried to kill him and his best friend, Spanky during the race. Darla discovered Waldo's true nature from his actions, broke up with him and took his go-cart to help Alfalfa and Spanky. He was last seen inside his car saying that they would be hearing from his lawyers before driving away.

The Little Rascals: Save the Day



  • Waldo's father was portrayed by Donald Trump, a renowned businessman and the current President of the United States.

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