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Walker is an antagonist in the hit 2018 Spike Lee film BlacKkKlansman.

He was portrayed by Nicholas Turturro, the brother of actor John Turturro, who had most famously portrayed Jesus Quintana in The Big Lebowski.


A member of the Colorado branch of the Ku Klux Klan, was an explosives expert who had been sent to prison for armed robbery thanks to Flip Zimmerman. Learning that prominent black activist Patrice Dumas was coming to town Walker was recruited by Felix Kendrickson to create a bomb in order to destroy the black student union while this activist was giving a speech. They in turn recruited Felix's wife Connie and Klansman Ivanhoe to help them bomb the site where the activist was speaking to black union students.

At Stallworth's initiation ceremony into the Klan, Walker saw Zimmerman posing as one Ron Stallworth at the ceremony led by David Duke, Walker recognized him right away. He in turn warned Kendrickson of Zimmerman's actual identity. The two tried to expose Zimmerman, but had to leave to carry out their planned bombing. Zimmerman was able to convince Duke and the other Klan members that he knew Walker from prison, and that "Flip" was a prison nickname.

A heavy police presence dissuaded Connie from carrying out the bombing of the student center. Walker and Felix told her to place the bomb at local activist Patrice's house instead. When the bomb wouldn't fit in the mailbox, Connie placed it under Patrice's car.

Walker, Ivanhoe and Felix soon arrived and parked next to Patrice's car. Not knowing where his wife had placed the bomb, Kendrickson activated the detanator. The explosion engulfed Patrice's car as well as the vehicle Kendrickson, Walker and Ivanhoe were in, killing them all. Connie was arrested by the real Ron Stallworth, and faced serious prison time for her actions.

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