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That's against the rules!
~ Walker's catchphrase.
Name's Walker, son. Know it! Fear it! Obey it! I am your judge, executioner, jury, executioner, jailer, and, if necessary, your executioner. I like that part of the job.
~ Walker to Danny.
So will we, punk! Feared on Earth, wanted in the Ghost Zone. YOU'VE LOST, GHOST KID! LOST!
~ Walker after being defeated by Danny in the episode "Public Enemies."

Walker is a major antagonist in the Danny Phantom cartoon series, serving as the main antagonist in the episodes "Prisoners Of Love," "Public Enemies," and "Claw Of The Wild."

He is the warden of a prison in the Ghost Zone that imprisons anyone who breaks his rules. When Danny Phantom causes a prison breakout, he obsesses with getting revenge against the boy, making him one of Danny's most vile and cruel adversaries.

He was voiced by James Arnold Taylor.


Walker is highly strict and a stone stickler for "the rules," swiftly punishing anyone who dares to defy them. He commands with an iron fist when it comes to his prison and minions, going to whatever measure he has to so as to preserve order. Walker sometimes even makes up laws as he goes along and does whatever he has to to get those who escape him. He is also somewhat sadistic as seen when he was sentencing Danny and told him that he was his jury, executioner, judge, executioner, warden, and if need be, executioner. When Danny pointed out that he said executioner three times, Walker said that that was the part of the job he liked best showing that he cares more about making people suffer than enforcing order.

Despite this Walker has a bit of honor, as he attends the annual Ghost Zone Truce, claiming it's a rule and teamed up with Danny to defeat the Ghost Writer, as well as saving Christmas for everyone, including the Human World. He also gave Danny a pass when they first meet and told Bullet and his goons not to use the electric collar on Wulf, but Bullet used it anyway without his knowledge. He also helped Danny several times like to defeat Pariah and save Earth from the Disasteroid. Because he is obsess with keeping law and order intact in the Ghost Zone, Walker allows his police to help other ghost solve their cases like the Pandora's Box when it was stolen by the Box Ghost, he appeared to allow one of his police help.


Prisoners of Love

Walker was a ghost that leads the Ghost Zone police, arresting any ghost that broke any of "the rules", however he often imprisoned them harshly for very minor offenses.

He first encountered Danny Phantom after the half-ghost accidentally drove his father's new Specter Speeder into the Ghost Zone. Walker appeared to him and told Danny that if he ever came into his jurisdiction again, he would lock him away. Taking his word for it, Danny promptly left the area. However the half-ghost was forced to enter the Ghost Zone again to retrieve a present for his mom that he'd accidentally send there.

Danny found the present, but was captured by Walker and his Ghost Guards for possessing human world contraband. He imprisoned the half-ghost along with many of the ghosts he battled earlier, but Danny managed to get them to put their differences aside. They organized a riot and the other ghosts succeeded in escaping while the half-ghost went to confront Walker so as to get the present back.

At first, Danny was unable to take on the warden ghost, but he realized that humans in the ghost zone had the same qualities as ghost in the human world, meaning they could pass through objects. He turned back into his human form and retrieved the present, then headed back to the human world with Walker proving unable to lay a hand on Danny.

Public Enemies


However Danny hadn't heard the last of Walker and he plotted to turn all of Amity Park against the half-ghost. He used Wulf, one of his inmates with the ability to follow scents and tear open portals to the human world, to get his army of Ghost Guards to the town. Walker had them attack the town to raise panic, then he and his minions began to possess people around Danny, personally taking control over Dash Baxter. Eventually he took control of the mayor and planned to have Jack Fenton put in charge of ghost defense, who would leave the town helpless due to his incompetence. But Walker was defeated by Danny with help from Wulf and he and his Ghost Guards were driven back into the Ghost Zone. But despite being defeated, Walker's plans nonetheless succeeded, causing Danny's reputation among the people to be negative.

Reign Storm

Walker is among the countless of the ghosts being led by Skulker in their escape from the Ghost Zone through the Fenton portal seeking safe haven after the ghost king Pariah Dark was accidentally reawakened by Vlad Plasmius. He is seen with the others attacking Danny before disappearing.

Later, in their hideout Walker is seen with the others listening to Skulker tell Danny, Sam, and Tucker about the story of Pariah Dark. Afterwards, when Danny asks for the ghost's help in defeating Pariah Dark, Walker and the other ghosts refuse by laughing at the proposal before walking away. Later, when Danny prepares to go fight Pariah Dark, he is confronted by the ghost king's army, However Sam and Tucker arrive and drop Walker and the others off, agreeing to help Danny fight off Pariah's army as Danny goes and confronts the ghost king. After Pariah Dark's defeat, it was mentioned that the ghosts, including Walker, were off rebuilding their homes.

The Fright Before Christmas

Walker was attending a Christmas party with various other ghosts when Danny showed up, having been sent there by the Ghost Writer. At first, the half-ghost was confused by why the ghosts were so welcoming, but then Walker and the others explained the Christmas Truce and how it said ghosts were forbidden to fight on Christmas, with the ghost warden even saying that it was one of "the rules.” When Danny told Walker and the others that the Ghost Writer was violating the truce, they were outraged and went with him to confront the writer. But though the Ghost Writer used his powers to make them fight each other, Danny broke his spell by picking up an orange since nothing rhymed with orange. Walker had his Ghost Guards imprison the Ghost Writer and was seen offering him an orange, which greatly frightened the writer.

Claw of the Wild

Walker and his minions were pursuing Wulf and some other ghostly monsters that had escaped the Ghost Zone through a portal the wolf ghost had created. However, when they found out Danny was at a nearby summer camp, they abducted the other campers and has them frozen in suspended animation to keep them from ratting him out and to use them as bait for the half-ghost. Walker sent his Ghost Guards to give Danny a message, bring him Wulf, who he'd found, in exchange for the release of his friends. However (having to snach Tucker's Fenton Themros when he kidnapped him) Walker traps Danny in the Fenton Thermos but as he goes to open the bag Sam dressed up in a costume to fool the ghost warden into thinking she was Wulf and they managed to rescue everyone, as well as defeat Walker once again.

Phantom Planet

Walker was among the countless horde of ghosts that helped Danny turn the entire planet intangible so as to save it from the Disasteroid, thus saving the Ghost Zone as well.

Nicktoons Unite

Walker appears in the crossover video game as a supporting antagonist in which he possibly works for Vlad Plasmius where the villainous half ghost hands Danny Phantom along with Jimmy Neutron, Timmy Turner and SpongeBob SquarePants over to the ghost warden where locks them up in his prison but the heroes manage to escape and eventually confront Walker who is angry that Danny and his friends escaped he then fights the heroes only to be defeated by the heroes and falls unconscious.

Powers and Abilities

Walker has the standard ghost powers of flight, intangibility and invisibility, superhuman strength, and the abilities to possess humans, fire ghost energy rays, and teleport. He can also understand some Esperanto, allowing him to command Wulf, and commands a large army of ghost guards. His superhuman strength, combined with his power, make him a worthy foe for Danny as he is strong enough to overpower him when they first fought.


  • Walker is designed to be like a stereotypical Southern warden character with a fedora hat and a Southern accent.


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