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Walker is a mysterious hitchhiker in cowboy hat and trenchcoat getup and serial killer who murders those who pick him up. He is one of the two main antagonists of horror anthology series Masters of Horror segment/short film Pick Me Up.

Pick Me Up

At the beginning of the story, Walker approaches a transit bus that had broken down on the Interstate. He offers help to the bus driver who he then violently strangles with a dead snake. Walker shoots and kills a passenger and then ties up another passenger to a tree with barbed wire, leaving her to die. When Stacia, the protagonist of the story who had left the bus of her own accord before either Walker or Wheeler arrived, gets into the picture, both of the killers become intrigued with killing her. En route to the motel where she ends up, Walker hitches a ride with a punk and his girlfriend, both of whom he later murders.

Walker in Getup

Walker in his getup

Pursuing Stacia to a roadside motel, Walker and Wheeler threaten each other over the prospect of killing her. (This includes a notable scene where he traces a knife over the curtain with her silohuette.) Wheeler gets to her first and imprisons her inside his truck. Walker catches up to the two and stands in the middle of the road just before Wheeler's truck. Wheeler allows the hitchhiker into the cab but then the two draw guns on each other with the intent of killing Stacia and each other. Stacia, taking advantage of their fighting, hits the brakes, causing the two to fly through the windshield. Beaten and wounded, the two continue to fight until an ambulance appears.

In the ambulance, Walker and Wheeler continue fighting until they agree over the prospect of stealing the ambulance to lure future victims. Unfortunately for them, one of the ambulance's EMTs drives a syringe into their chests, killing them both. Unfortunately for Stacia, the EMT and the ambulance driver are also killers who are glad to be rid of their competition...

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