How am I supposed to get back at you if nothing I do matters?! I hate you!
~ Wallflower expressing her hatred towards Sunset, revealing her true intentions to Sunset's friends.

Wallflower Blush is the main antagonist of the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls hour-long special Forgotten Friendship. She is a student at Canterlot High School and a founder of its gardening club.

Wallflower Blush was typically ignored and forgotten by the rest of the students. After discovering the Memory Stone, she used it to removed the good memories of Sunset Shimmer from everyone (including Sunset's friends) so they would turned back on her by reminding her as a bully she was before her redemption. After Sunset found out about this, Wallflower ended up getting defeated by Humane Seven and later redeemed.

She was voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent.


Wallflower Blush first appears in Forgotten Friendship when Sunset Shimmer accidentally bumps into her at the end of We've Come So Far. While Sunset believes that it is the first time they have met, Wallflower tells her they met in ninth-grade English class and that she has been on the school's Yearbook Committee all year, much to Sunset's embarrassment. When Sunset and her friends leave the room with Trixie, Wallflower is left behind in the dark after Sunset turns out the lights.

During Sunset and Trixie's investigation of Sunset's friends' memories being mysteriously erased, they discover Wallflower Blush to be the culprit. It is revealed through Sunset's geode powers that Wallflower had gone unnoticed by her schoolmates for years and that she accidently found the Memory Stone that Clover the Clever buried long ago in human's world. Resentful toward Sunset for being so popular despite how she treated everyone during freshman year, Wallflower used the Stone to erase everyone's good memories of Sunset, causing them to view her as the bully that she once was.

Before Sunset and Trixie can seize the Memory Stone from Wallflower, she uses it to erase their memories of the past several hours and locks them in the room. Sunset catches up with Wallflower later, and during their confrontation, Wallflower reveals what she did in front of Sunset's friends and expresses her outright hatred toward Sunset, accidentally fully showing Sunset's friends that she was right the whole time, seeing that Wallflower made them act like total bullies to Sunset. Ignoring Sunset's pleas, Wallflower decides to use the Stone to erase all of the Humane 6's high school memories, but Sunset jumps in the way and sacrifices her own. When Sunset loses all her memories of human world as the Humane 6 watched in horror seeing their terrible mistake for not listening to Sunset sooner and starts she acting like a pony again, back to before she became evil, leaving Sunset not knowing what's going on scared and confused, as Wallflower realizes what she just did, and started to feel guilty and regretful for what she did to Sunset. Then the Humane 6 comfort her and confront Wallflower and pony up to destroy the memory stone once and for all. After the Stone is destroyed and Sunset and her friends' memories are restored, Wallflower apologizes to Sunset for what she has done to her and makes amends with Sunset.

Some time later, Wallflower gets some new members for her Gardening Club, and she is named "Best Gardener" in the school yearbook.


Wallflower Blush is a quiet and introverted girl who is typically ignored and quickly forgotten by the rest of the student body, instilling her with a feeling of complete invisibility. She is initially resentful toward Sunset Shimmer for both being so popular and constantly ignoring her presence, she also prejudice towards her due to her past, but her demeanor slowly changes from bitter to remorseful during the climax of Forgotten Friendship. Wallflower also has a passion for gardening, which led to her founding the school's Gardening Club. Due to having no friends, she develop a harsh expression of cynicism and a negative philosophy about friendship.


I've been trying to get your attention for, like, half the song.
~ Wallflower's first notable quote.
Why should you notice me? After all, you're Sunset Shimmer. Everybody loves you now. *sighs* Why can't they see you haven't changed?
~ Wallflower ranted on Sunset for her past behavior.
I'm so ashamed. When I first found the Memory Stone, I only erased little things – awkward hellos, saying the wrong thing, literally any public speaking...
~ Wallflower expressing her remorse after her defeat.
I'd rather be invisible or forgotten than remembered as a villain.
~ Wallflower accepting her current fate.





  • Wallflower Blush is the second character who gets jealous of Sunset Shimmer due to her reputation after Cutie Mark Crusaders from Equestria Girls, although it might've been non-canon.
  • As said by Sunset that she's just like her, Wallflower acts as a foil to Sunset as both were outcasts who don't have any friends due to their respective past. Both of them also desire their vengeance towards the protagonists, such as Sunset seeking revenge against Twilight for being chosen as the Princess of Friendship and Wallflower seeking revenge on Sunset for having many friends than hers (despite that neither of their revenges are real, Sunset's just hurting Twilight and Wallflower was hurting Sunset for nothing because they never done anything to hurt each other before). However, while Sunset overcomes her desire of vengeance during her redemption and later accepting Twilight's friendship offer, Wallflower allowed her hatred to consume her, as she is stubbornly refuse to return her friends' good memories of Sunset and never listening to her pleas until her redemption.
    • Wallflower also serves as a lesson for Sunset in the film, Because if Sunset was still being mean to others instead of believing in friendship and realize the error of her ways before the events of the Equestria Girls movie, then she would've ended up being like Wallflower.
  • Wallflower shares a lot of character traits with Starlight Glimmer from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. They both seemed to be friendly at first but were eventually revealed to be tragic nihilists in the end due to their respective past (Wallflower feeling invisible and forgotten by her student body and Starlight lost her only friend Sunburst after he received his cutie mark). Because of this, both try to get revenge on the protagonists by trying to ruined the protagonists' friendships (Wallflower using the memory stone to remove everyone's (including Humane Seven) good memories of Sunset Shimmer so everyone returned to hate Sunset and Starlight get revenge on Twilight by travel back in time and destroy the friendship between the Mane 6 so everything in Equestria will be destroyed). In the end, both were ended up getting redeemed by one of the protagonists (Twilight to Starlight and Sunset to Wallflower).
  • Wallflower is also an opposite to Trixie. Trixie represents the love between Sunset and Humane Six, but Wallflower represents the breaking of Sunset and Humane Six's bond over a revenge that doesn't exist.


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