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Wallow was a demonic supervillain from Marvel comics and an enemy of Ghost Rider.


Max Pressman, a human was the first recruit of Blackheart into his self-proclaimed Spirits of Vengeance, thus becoming.

Pressman murdered his wife and attempted to murder his two children Michael and Melinda. A police officer shot him before he could so, but Pressman returned as a ghost-like entity, with only the face of Melinda's doll as his own. He was called Wallow, able to induce and feed upon human misery. He approached Melinda in her adult years, and stirred despair within her until she stepped from a ten-story building; however, she survived the fall, and Ghost Rider rushed her to the hospital. Wallow next pushed Michael off another rooftop, but he too survived, and Ghost Rider drove Wallow away. Learning of Wallow's crimes and intent, Ghost Rider ran to Melinda's bedside and prevented Wallow from murdering her. Ghost Rider's penance stare somehow reduced Wallow's ghostly form to ashes, but his essences was drawn to Blackheart's realm.

Movie appearance

"And what do you want from us?"
~ Wallow questioning Blackheart.

Wallow, the Demon of Water or the Water Demon.

Wallow made an appearance in the Ghost Rider live action movie and was played by Daniel Frederiksen. But in the film, Wallow (also called the Demon of Water or Water Demon) is a powerful and deadly water spirit who is one of the elemental fallen angels who called themselves the Hidden. He and his fellow Hidden angels Gressil and Abigor were later recruited by Backheart to help him the lost Contract of San Vanganza which aid Blackheart in usurping his father Mephisto and conquer both Hell and Earth.

Powers and abilities

Wallow, being a powerful Water Demon, can manipulate the element of water, create small but fierce tidal waves and make himself invisble when he's underwater. Wallow has the bility to control and melt into water, can alter his appearance into a demonic form and he is an expert at underwater ambushes. Wallow can transport himself easily by melting into water. Wallow often uses watery environments as well as his powers to his advantage.


Wallow's only weakness is that he can evaporate in water if exposed to immense heat levels.


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