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Wally Faust is the main antagonist of Pinky, Elmrya, and the Brain.


Wally Faust was the seldom seen antagonist of Pinky, Elmrya, and the Brain and he is a man who wished to use the mices in his own schemes to take over the world. In the series he only appeared a couple times but he is almost always serious since he threated a little girl and her family. His group is called the Circle as he is agent but it is unclear if he is their leader. He also sort of made an ealry bird cameo in the forum of Christopher Walken in Pinky and the Brain before his full debut. He also prove to be very popular with fans due to him basically being an evil version of Christopher walken.


  • He is based on Chistopher Walken a man who had been in the Warner Bros deperament since 1995.