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Name's Wally Wackford, and I am looking for creative new people to exploit!... I mean implore.
~ Wally attempting to get Lyle Lipton and Loopty Goopty to work for him

Wally Wackford is a minor recurring character in Helluva Boss. He is an imp who has taken a number of jobs to make money, and is willing to take advantage of others to get rich.

He is voiced by Don Darryl Rivera.


While Wally Wackford's history before the series is currently unknown, it is possible that he was involved in a few jobs to make money.

LooLoo Land

When Blitzo and Robo Fizz begin fighting inside the tent, Wally Wackford walks on by outside to sell what he calls inconvenient torches. As he does, Blitzo gets launched out of the tent by Robo Fizz and lands on Wally, resulting in his torches lighting the tent on fire which spreads to the rest of the park.


Sometime after the destruction of LooLoo Land, Wally started up his own business which he called "Wacky Wally Wackford's Wacky Idea Factory", which he blatantly advertises as him making money off of other people's inventions and ends his commercial with him begging people to work for him out of desperation.

After I.M.P. send Lyle Lipton to hell, Wally appears after overhearing Lyle mention him and Loopty Goopty as being inventors with intent on exploiting them. Blitzo, angry over how Wally just broke through his ceiling, tells him to get out.

The Harvest Moon Festival

Wackford apeers in the harvest moon festival to annouce the game and introduce Stolas.


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