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TA-DA! Pleasure to be working with you. Please come in! Come in! Well, as much a magician holds a rabbit in his hand, we'll be working together, yes. But allow me to introduce myself.
~ Mabry to the Horsemen, as he meets them for the first time

Walter Mabry is one of the two main antagonists (the other being Arthur Tressler) of the 2016 film Now You See Me 2.

He is a technological prodigy tycoon, a business leader, a science admirer and the son of banker and business leader Arthur Tressler himself. He aids his father in his attempts to get back at The Four Horsemen for ruining his business.

He was portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe in his first villainous role.


Walter is the illegitimate biological child of renown banking and insurance magnate, Arthur Tressler. It was attend at one point that Walter did love magic tricks and "dabbled" with them in high school before he became fascinated with, what he perceived to be actual magic; science and technology.

When the four main characters called The Four Horsemen and their leader Dylan Rhodes secretly arranged for a robbery to be committed against Walter Mabry's father Arthur Tressler of his money from his bank account, it was perceived by Walter Mabry to have been them having managed to have also stolen money from him as well, and plotted revenge along with his father. Walter Mabry had a business partner named Owen Case, who took over complete leadership of Mabry's company for his own reasons. Walter Mabry faked his death (an idea he got from one of The Four Horsemen) and planned a way to get back at Owen for it as well. He came up with a perfect plan for it in which he would use The Four Horsemen as a means of managing to do so and to obtain a technological data chip called "The Stick".

After Dylan Rhodes refused to give the stick to Mabry, his men went to capture him. Only to bring Rhodes to his father, Arthur Tressler the man who wanted revenge after The Horsemen left him and Mabry broke.

Later In London, The Horsemen successfully brought Mabry to justice after exposing him and his father as a fraud for trying to steal people's data. After being captured by the FBI and INTERPOL, Tressler decided to disown Mabry, realizing he had no idea who's bastard was his mother.

Personality and Traits

Mabry is shown to an admirer of science and technology, believing that through such means actual magic is possible. Prior his admiration of science, Mabry admitted to "dabbling" in magic tricks during his educational learning years (which he notes to be common "pass-the-time" practice for students void of a sex life in academia) and was fascinated by them at the time. Mabry even shows loyalty to his father, and was going to go through severe lengths to punish the Horseman for humiliating his father and robbing his money.

Mabry is shown to hold grudges, such as his vendetta against Owen Case who took complete leadership of Mabry's company by exposing his personal files to the Board of Directors. Mabry does at times show off a need to impress attitude, as he did so with the Horseman when the officially met him, and he showed them pictures of them unconscious with him on the plane, which he turned into some kind of photo collage like presentation. Whether those pictures were taken out of admiration or mockery was never revealed.

Equipment and Abilities

  • Genius-Level Intellect: Walter Mabry has a genius-level intellect and has even created many technologies as well as created a successful business for himself, and all while passing himself off as a consortium of anonymous shareholders in order to hide his identity after faking his death. He was also successful enough to outsmart the Four Horsemen in his plan which he hatched with his father.
  • Advanced Technologies: Walter Mabry has even created technologies which he believes work like magic itself. These technologies range from surveillance to tracking and even firewall cracking. He even managed to fake his death.
  • Near-Inexhaustible Wealth: Walter Mabry has created a successful technological business for himself and was implied able to legally purchase "The Stick" from Owen had Walter felt like it instead of arranging for The Horsemen to steal it for him. He is also a silent investor in multiple successful businesses, making him extremely rich and influential. He also has almost near limitless resources and control over the police force and business industries in Macau.
  • Network: Walter amassed a global network of contacts and information chiefly centred at Macau. Upon playing host to The Horsemen on their first face-to-face encounter, Mabry, in exchange for their assistance in acquiring for him 'The Stick', offered to grant them a new life out of hiding within his domain claiming that he controls everything there - from the media, police departments and even the popular casinos.



  • Daniel Radcliffe admits that he has felt fulfilled in portraying this character due to this being the very first time the actor has ever portrayed a villain in his career.


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