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Walter Nance was a powerful lawyer who had trouble realizing that he was growing old. He dated a model named Maya Holmes, but she left him for a younger photographer. Driven to vengeance, he killed the photographer and put the blame on Maya, who then went and became a fugitive.

Piper manages to find out about the truth after Nance mistook her for Maya and spoke the truth right out of his mouth. Because Piper threatened him while playing Maya, he took the real Maya into his custody after Paige Matthews switched them in jail. He then attempted to kill Maya by pushing her off the balcony. However, she was saved by Piper and Paige.

That same night, Maya told Billie Jenkins about his paranoia and used the idea to scare the truth out of him, with Maya and the Charmed Ones' help. He confessed at the choice given to him by Piper who partially froze him after he fell from his apartment. Maya was cleared of the murder charge while Walter and those involved are now in jail.

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