Wander McMooch is a toad-like villain on Fraggle Rock, who lives in the realm of the Gorgs. He debuted in the second season episode "Junior Sells the Farm." A greedy real estate developer, McMooch cons Junior Gorg into selling the Gorgs' Castle and surrounding lands. Junior signs over the property in exchange for what McMooch claims are the mythical Peas of Power. Mokey and Red aid Junior in outwitting the con man. The plan only succeeds when McMooch discovers that Fraggles are on the property, as he lives in fear of the "cute" creatures.

McMooch returned the following season in "Home is Where the Trash Is." It's revealed that Wander McMooch is an old nemesis of Marjory the Trash Heap, and resides in a swamp outside of Fraggle Rock. When Philo and Gunge wander off to find their home, they are captured by McMooch and used as work animals. McMooch sings of his nastiness in the song "Manic McMooch." Once again, the Fraggles prove to be his undoing.

McMooch is a unique Fraggle Rock character, in that he is a totally evil character, with no redeeming features. Conflicts involving McMooch stemmed not from differences in perspective (as was usual for the series) but from his own inherent badness. This charecter is important to the series because he offers a wider glimps into the world outside of Fraggle Rock.

McMooch was described in design sketches as "a sort of lizardy-thing- to really get away from either Gorgs or Fraggles. Kind of a sleazy Mr. Toad." His costume reflected "Faded 'elegance'- torn coat, unravelling 'lamb' collar, greasy stock- etc (ratty fringed belt...)".

Wander McMooch reappeared in The Muppet Christmas Carol as one of Nephew Fred’s party guests, and again as one of Blind Pew’s pirates in Muppet Treasure Island, both times with fellow Fraggle Rock denizen Brool the Minstrel. He made a brief appearance in the Mopatop’s Shop episode "Rude Dude".


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