Wang Liu Mei is an antagonist in the second season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

She is voiced by Kei Shindo in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Maryke Hendrikse in the English version of the anime.


Wang first appears to be a follower of Aeolia Schenberg, desiring to change the world and achieve peace through stopping all conflict. However, in reality Wang didn't care much about Celestial Being, as she simply wanted to support the stronger force that can earn her a life with personal freedom. And in order to achieve this, she is willing to sacrifice other lives.


In the second season of Gundam 00, Wang visited the Innovade Ribbons Almark, and purposely gave him the position of Ptolemy 2, as a result, the A-Laws was able to find and ambush Ptolemy 2, however, the force retreated when 00 Gundam suddenly show up. Eventually, Wang gave the information of Federation banquet to the Celestial Being, as a result Setsuna and Tieria took part in it to gain information of A-Laws's leader.

Eventually, Wang decided to support the Innovades, she was involved in the construction of Memento Mori, which is a destructive weapon used by A-Laws. However, since Ali Al-Saachez also supported Innovades, this made Nena Trinity furious since the former is the one that killed her brothers.

Wang also sent Anew Returner to Celestial Being , who is an Innovator. As a result, the Innovators will be able to find them easier. However, with the sudden appearance of 00 Raiser, the A-Laws squad was defeated. Much to Ribbons's shock. Wang taunted him for his lack of knowledge of Twin Drive, which cause the former tp slap Wang, calling her greedy.

When the Celestial Being was assaulting the Memento Mori, Wang didn't give them any information about the Memento Mori, hoping they'll die destroying it, however, Nena Trinity went rouge and gave them the information of Memento Mori, thus the Celestial Being was able to destroy it.

Eventually, Regene Regetta gave Wang the coordinate of Veda, Wang then decided to betray the Innovators by giving the coordinate of Veda to Celestial Being. However, Wang's ship suddenly stopped as Nena decided to kill Wang and Hong Long. They fleed in a shuttle and arrived at Lagrange 5 colony Eclipse,where they sent a message to Ptolemy 2. Wang also complained her brother for not being able to handle the responsibility of their family, thus forcing Wang to take over and ruined her life.

However, to Wang's unknown, they were followed by Nena Trinity, who killed Hong Long. Wang gave Setsuna the location of Veda and refused his protection. She then fleed in a shuttle, only to be caught up by Nena who destroyed the shuttle, killing Wang.


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