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Ride eternal, shiny and chrome.
~ War Boys' creed
I live, I die! I live again!
~ Another War Boys' creed

The War Boys are the bigger military group within the Cult of the V8 in the Citadel and serve as Immortan Joe's servants and soldiers. They are the secondary antagonists of Max Mad: Fury Road.


Their history is unknown where or what era they were founded as well as how long they have stayed in power as they control scarce or exhausted resources such as water, food, ammunition, plants they acquired by unknown means and use these resources to stay in power.

They control and allied with Gas Town and Bullet farm and extort resources like petrol and ammunition from the allies they rarely engage in battle since they are powerful. The War Boys put on white makeup to worship their leader and spray chrome paint in their mouth's to sacrifice themselves to Valhalla, an afterlife in Norse religion.


They are upper-class citizens in his hierarchy as its known that in the Outback "might make right" and thus with the War Boys having the might of the Citadel they are its upper-class citizens.

When the War Boys are not out Fighting in a Road war they will use there might for public works projects such as clearing Fury road of scavengable materials mainly scrap metal that they load up on flatbed trucks and then transport back to the Citadel to turn into the Repair Boys for use in there Army later on.

Notable War Boys


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