War Zone was a supervillain from Marvel comics and an enemy of She-Hulk.


War Zone was created by Professor Hector DeVasquez using notes stolen from Doctor Daniel "Zapper" Ridge, an old childhood friend of Jennifer Walters, the She-Hulk. A colleague of Walters' cousin, Doctor Robert Bruce Banner (The Hulk), he specifically created the gas to rid the She-Hulk of her gamma-spawned strength. When his daughter, who was married to Ridge, realized her husband was still in love with the She-Hulk, DeVasquez sent War Zone to subdue and destroy the She-Hulk.

Appearing in New York, War Zone attacked the She-Hulk at her apartment. Although she held back from using her strength because he resembled a man in a battlesuit, she began ripping him apart on learning he was an android. Though doused with the gas, she destroyed his jets which kept him in flight and allowed him to crash to earth. His remains were turned over to Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four.

Because of the lingering effect of War Zone's gas, the She-Hulk nearly lost a bout against Titania (Mary McPherran), and had to be rescued by the Thing. On Mr. Fantastic's advice, she returned to her hometown suburb of Los Angeles to reunite with Zapper to cure her.

War Zone eventually reactivated (or was rebooted by DeVasquez) and tracked down the She-Hulk in Los Angeles. Ripping off his arms and armor, the jade amazon discovered he was powered by a gamma-bomb that Zapper then absorbed with a gamma-neutralizer. Having been powered by the removed energy, War Zone shut down as the She-Hulk accused Zapper of building him to win back her love. Her argument was rendered inaccurate as DeVasquez attacked her in a gamma-powered tank. Assisted by the Hulk, the She-Hulk destroyed the tank and captured DeVasquez.

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