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This is hell and I'm going to give you the guided tour.
~ Warden Drumgoole's famous quote.

Warden Drumgoole is the main antagonist of the 1989 prison movie Lock Up. He is the corrupt, sadistic and vengeful Warden of the maximum security penitentiary Gateway prison which is based on the real life Rajway, New Jersey Prison.

He was portrayed by actor Donald Sutherland who also plays Donald McClintock, Ronald Bartel and President Snow.


He at first arranges to have Frank Leone transferred to his prison after the latter escaped to visit his dying mentor, whom he had avenged by beating a gang who attacked him and got away with it, which is how he ended up in prison. Frank escaped on Drumgoole's watch, when he refused his request to see his mentor before his death shortly before his release. Drumgoole was humiliated because of it, but rose to power again and plotted his revenge.

As soon as Frank arrives, Drumgoole explains that he is angry for being "punished for Frank's crime". Over the course of Frank's imprisonment, he has his corrupt guards and inmates repeatedly torture Frank for an excuse to keep him in the prison longer, even to the point of forcing Frank to watch the inmates destroy a Mustang that Frank and his friends restored and putting him in solitary confinement for six weeks, and hiring one of Frank's enemies to kill his friend in order to bait Frank into killing him. He then has another guard pose as an inmate, telling Frank that he has been hired to rape Frank's girlfriend to cause him to try and escape a second time, which would carry a mandatory ten year sentence but Frank does not fall for it.

After a particularly brutal attack, Frank breaks into Drumgoole's office and takes him to an electric chair, which Drumgoole has restored. Frank holds him hostage and forces him to confess to his crimes. He is freed because Frank had removed the fuses in the chair but his own guards arrest him for the confession. He is later imprisoned for good after a judicial inqury and Frank finishes his original sentence.