Warden Hazen is the main antagonist of the 1974 film The Longest Yard, and its 2005 remake. He is a sadistic and vain warden who is known for being the mastermind behind the football game that was contested between the inmates and the guards.

He was portrayed by the late Edward Albert in the original version, and James Cromwell in the remake.


In The Longest Yard, prior to becoming a warden, Hazen was assaulted by a convict in the past and has been seeking revenge on all inmates by keeping them in prison for a long time with no possibility of bail or parole. As a football fanatic, Hazen sought the opportunity in the form of Paul Crewe, a disgraced former quarterback in the NFL. Crewe arrived on a bus with the other prisoners and Hazen approached him. Hazen insisted Crewe to put together a team made entirely of inmates to face the guards in a football game but Crewe refused. So Hazen sent Krauer and the other guards to harass him nonstop until he reluctantly accepted Hazen's offer.

Later on in the film, Hazen noticed how Crewe and the inmates had improved in their training, much to Hazen's disappointment. So he tried everything in his power to cheat to have the game be contested in favor of the guards. At the end of the first half, he approached Crewe in the locker room and forced him to have the inmates lose the game to guards, otherwise he would deem Crewe responsible for the death of Caretaker (who was actually killed in an explosion by a snitch whose real intention was to kill Crewe). Crewe agreed as long as Hazen promised to not injure the inmates, by which Hazen agreed. However, Hazen then went back on his word as the game reached the second half. Despite his efforts to make the game in favor of the guards, the inmates managed to defeat them fair and square. After seeing the guards lose the game to the inmates, Hazen got frustrated with Krauer and begin to bully him before suddenly noticing Crewe walking toward the exit with the crowd. Thinking Crewe would escape from prison, Hazen takes out a gun and pressures Krauer to shoot him until Krauer later mentioned to Hazen that Crewe was not planning an escape but actually picking up the football.



Hazen in the 2005 remake of The Longest Yard

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