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Warden Nuchi, also known as simply Nuchi, is a minor antagonist in the 1995 anime Street Fighter II V, specifically being a major antagonist in "Trap Prison and the Scream of Truth – Proud Ryu" and "The Superstar of Muay Thai – The Grand Prison Battle Symphony".

He was voiced by Kenichi Ogata in Japanese and Bob Popenbrook in English.


Nuchi was the sadistic and brutal warden of a prison in Thailand. He enjoyed abusing his power by torturing the inmates. He was personally "welcoming" every new prisoner by tying him and brutally beating them with chains until they beg for mercy. They only two prisoners who resisted him were Sagat and Ryu and Nuchi hated them both for that. That made him feared among prisoners. He was also known for being corrupt and taking money from debts between inmates.

After Ryu was falsely charged for being linked with drugs he was moved to Nuchi's prison, and the warden gave him a brutal beating. Ryu was tough and didn't beg for mercy which made Nuchi angry and tired. Ryu later encounter Sagat and the two fought using Muay Thai. When Sagat learned how Ryu ended up there he was reminded of the way he was also wrongly charged and immediately stopped fighting. An enraged Nuchi, who made a deal with some prisoners to split the money from the debts, interfered and ordered them to continue their fight. When they both declined Nuchi pulled his gun and attempted to shoot Sagat in the gut, however, Ryu kicked the gun from his hand and he along with Sagat beat him easily. Warden Nuchi was then seen wounded, angrily starring at Ryu as he was leaving the prison. Sagat was later released as well.



  • Sagat
  • Ryu



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