The Wargoyle is a minor villain in the video game Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It is a Nightmare Dream Eater that attacks La Cité des Cloches, and serves Judge Claude Frollo.


Encountering Riku

While Riku was searching for Judge Frollo, he gets ambushed by Wargoyle in the Outskirts of La Cité des Cloches. The beast chases Riku to the Mill, where Riku finally finds Frollo, attempting to punish the inhabitants for harboring gypsies, and Phoebus, who tries to stop him. When Wargoyle appears, Riku realizes that it was created from Frollo's darkness, but the insane judge claims that he was granted the beast as an agent of "righteous judgment" to destroy the gypsies forever. When Phoebus attempts to stop Frollo from leaving, Wargoyle easily overpowers him and leaves the soldier badly injured. After Riku tracks Frollo to the top of Notre Dame, the judge summons Wargoyle to eliminate him, but Riku defeats it after a grueling battle. Wargoyle's wings ended up being shattered and destroyed, and it falls into the fires below.

Encountering Sora

However, Wargoyle survived the fall, by entering into Sora's incarnation of La Cité des Cloches. When Sora was attempting to follow Frollo while Frollo was chasing down Quasimodo and Esmeralda into Notre Dame, he is stopped by a wingless Wargoyle that appeared to have been falling from Norte Dame. During the fall, Wargoyle attempted to attack Sora, but Sora managed to dodge Wargoyle's attack. After which, the two confronted each other. After a long battle, Sora manages to defeat the rampaging Nightmare, then proceeds into Notre Dame.

Summoned by Spellican

Despite Wargoyle being defeated by Sora, it shows up in Traverse Town. A Dream Eater known as Spellican summoned an army of Dream Eaters. Three of them were Hockomonkey in its mage form, Char Clawbster, and Wargoyle. Despite Sora fighting off three powerful Dream Eaters, he was able to defeat all three.


  • Wargoyle is often considered to be one of the most disappointing bosses in Dream Drop Distance. Many who played Dream Drop Distance wanted to fight Frollo, the boss fight is one of the more difficult bosses, especially since it's one of the first bosses, and many complained that the music does not fit.


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