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You're in violation of Midtown City Code: 4432! Step out of your vehicle and surrender peacefully!...Time's up!
~ Warhawk

Warhawk is the overall secondary antagonist and the final boss in Twisted Metal: Black.

Warhawk was voiced by Adam Segan.


Warhawk is a law enforcement officer in an Armored Helicopter. He was supposed to be a playable character in TM:B, but he was too powerful, so he was scrapped.

As stated above, Warhawk is the final boss of Story Mode of Twisted Metal: Black. It begins as, Warhawk attempts to arrest the player and ordering the player to surrender; however the player refuses. Thus begins the battle with Warhawk.

The first phase of fighting Warhawk is that he will have a shield and you will do no damage to him. There will be tanker trucks that will come and you will have to destroy them while Warhawk is close by. Do this a few times and Warhawk will lose his shield. The next phase includes attacking Warhawk. Attack him until he dies. A cutscene will then play showing the helicopter blowing up with the pilot flying towards the camera.



  • In Twisted Metal 2, in the New York level, you were supposed to fight a Sweet Tooth Helicopter. However, this was scrapped in the final version.
  • On the Junkyard level, if you ride the vertical car crusher to the top, an emblem to unlock Warhawk's Rooftop is up there. It is unknown if it's a leftover from when Warhawk was a playable character in development, as all other emblems unlock playable characters.
  • Warhawk looks different from his cutscene counterpart during gameplay.
  • Agent Stone declares that he knows the pilot of Warhawk. He also refers to him as a nice guy.
  • Sweet Tooth states that Warhawk was the one who captured him and subsequently, locked him up.
  • The mother company of which Incognito Entertainment was reformed from, SingleTrac, their first developed game was called WarHawk. Warhawk's inclusion as the final boss probably serves as their first development's tribute.
  • In Twisted Metal (2012), there is a vehicle called Talon which is a small helicopter who was possibly inspired by Warhawk as a playable character.
  • He is also on the Heroes Wiki.


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