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The Warlocks (in Japanese: 魔族, mazoku) are the main antagonists of the 2004 anime series Tweeny Witches. They are, in a broad sense, male members of the humanoid species native to the Magical Realm, but the term often refers to their main subgroup (as opposed to their traditional subgroup, the wizards). This article deals with the latter.


Over 2 centuries before the events of the series, a new faction within the warlocks established Wizard Kingdom, the technologically-advanced capital city of the Warlock Realm. They forced the wizards to live in the barren Miche Village and sought to wipe out their own magical tradition out of a belief in the superiority of technology over magic.

Grande, the leader and general of the warlocks, decided to destroy the Human Realm with dark magic in hopes of making a new realm for his people to escape the eventual destruction of the Magical Realm. "Lennon's True Identity" implies that he was behind the theft of the True Book of Spells from the Grand Master of Witches by the warlocks.

In the present, the warlocks begin their attack on the Witch Realm in search of each one of the 100 fairy species and the True Book of Spells. When they capture Lennon away in Arusu's place, Luca holds Jidan hostage for the whereabouts of the True Book of Spells, only for Atelia to offer herself in Lennon's place and for Jidan to escape prison with his cellmate, Sigma. After Arusu dispels dark magic with the magic of light, they join the witches and wizards to rebuild the Magical Realm together.

Named Members

  • Grande, the leader and general of the warlocks.
  • Sigma, a child scout and the first individual warlock to appear in the series proper.
  • Tiana, a commander of the warlocks who leads a full-scale attack on a chapel in the Witch Realm.
  • Luca, a commander of the warlocks who takes Jidan hostage to demand the True Book of Spells from Arusu.
  • Magica, a young warlock who lives with a robot named Gigi.
  • Jestor, the best scientist in the Warlock Realm. He was Magica's late father.
  • Weazel and Molza, a father and son who work as researchers and scientists.


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