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Warmaster Blackhorn

Warmaster Blackhorn in a minor antagonist of the online game World of Warcraft.

Warmaster Blackhorn is one of the few remaining members of the Twilight's Hammer army and led Deathwing's personal escort. He is a tauren warrior who is Deathwing's final underling. Blackhorn assisted Deathwing in fighting off the forces of the Alliance and Horde, helping his master take down the Horde gunship. His mount is a twilight dragon Goriona who faced off the heroes alongside Blackhorn.

After the Horde gunship was destroyed, the heroes and adventurers were forced to land on the Alliance ship, fighting off Blackhorn's forces and eventually fighting the Warmaster himself. Blackhorn landed on the Alliance gunship, fighting the heroes in battle. Eventually, he is killed, and the heroes parachute onto Deathwing's back to bring the fight to him.

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