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Warmonger is the secondary antagonist of the cartoon series Mighty Max, which was based on the toyline of the same name. He is Skullmaster's right-hand man and a red-skinned humanoid demon creature. Although he is generally loyal to Skullmaster, he still wants to be the leader.

He was voiced by Frank Welker.


At some point, after being sealed deep within the earth, Skullmaster sealed the reigning king, Lava Lord, into solid rock and took control of his minions, with Warmonger as their leader.

In the first season, Warmonger's role is limited, mostly relegated to the background and ordering Skullmaster's minions. In the second season, he is confirmed to be Skullmaster's second-in-command and appears far more, aiding his master in the latter's conquest. However, Warmonger grows more power hungry over time and eventually tries to kill Skullmaster. He seemingly succeeds only to find himself not knowing what to do with his new position. Skullmaster is later revealed to have faked his death and congratulates Warmonger for being an excellent servant. In the final battle, Warmonger is killed by Skullmaster using his Crystal of Souls. However, after Max rewinded the timeline back to the beginning of the series, it's presumed that Warmonger comes back to life and is re-trapped deep within the earth with Skullmaster.


Warmonger: I lost this round to the Mighty-One, but now that I've gotten rid of Skullmaster, the world is still mine to conquer!
Skullmaster: Really? And what makes you think, I'm gone?
Warmonger: (cowers in terror) Skullmaster! I, it was all a mistake, I, I never meant to...
Skullmaster: Kill me? I know. Everything that happened was according to my plan, not yours. The Lemurian sun-symbol, was the one power I feared, and so I forced the Cap-Bearer to waste it battling Hydra, so he would be unable to use it on me!
Warmonger: But I saw you die!
Skullmaster: The pages of the Arcana grant many powers, illusion is one of them. Once again, Warmonger, you have proved yourself an excellent servant. But we must prepare for the final triumph-for now there is nothing on earth that can stop me!
~ Warmonger thinking that he has killed Skullmaster, only for the latter to reveal himself to be still alive.

The dim-witted Warmonger usually finds himself doing Skullmaster's dirty work, but also enjoys the positions of relative power this gives him over other henchmen. Cruel and sadistic, Warmonger briefly showed ambition when he tried to kill Skullmaster. Believing himself successful, the short little demon then found himself at a loss as to what to do with his newfound power and position. The death of Skullmaster proved to be a ruse, however, and the master was proud of his pupil for showing such deviousness.


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