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Waroga (ワ ロ ガ) is an an alien that appreared in episode 16 and 48 of Ultraman Cosmos.


Waroga I

Appearing one night from nowhere, Waroga attacked a young woman named Reni Kurosaki in a small town. Once Musashi arrived, he quickly transformed into Ultraman Cosmos to fight Waroga. But not long after the battle, Waroga turned into a purple orb and flew away while the cosmos returned to Musashi to bring Reni back to base. That night, Waroga decided to wake up an ancient monster from the underground with the name Galbas to help him. When the EYES tried to learn about Reni and why Waroga targeted her, they soon discovered that she had almost no records during the medical examination from the SRC. She had some kind of foreign technology in her brain like a flare. After further investigating the chain of command, Musashi discovers from an intelligence officer that Reni was the alleged victim in an accident while on a mission on a satellite and because she was sucked into space, her body was never found. Reni remembers some time later when Musashi managed to escape by forming a research institute that wanted to dissect him that Waroga actually saved him while he was in a vacuum. During this time Waroga releases Galbas to cause chaos to lure Cosmos out and manages to take over the EYES computer to prevent them from helping. After Galbas nearly paralyzes Cosmos with a fireball and destroys a nearby power plant, Waroga arrives at the scene making the situation even worse. After Galbas destroyed a squad of tanks and Cosmos returned to human form, Waroga fled the area quickly. However the following night a special device is activated which destroys the chip which allows Galbas to be controlled by Waroga. Comos to challenge him with a hero who switches from Luna to Corona Mode. Even though the battle was tough, Cosmos managed to destroy Waroga with a Featured Ball shot.

Waroga II

Waroga reappeared months later where he plotted a scheme to eliminate Musashi / Cosmos by revealing a place for him and EYES and the JADF Troops to battle. As the battle raged, Musashi would transform but was hit by one of the Waroga beams. The next day, Waroga revealed that he was going to attack the SRC Medical Center as everyone was being evacuated from the hospital and the place is now a battlefield for Waroga and the Earth Defense Forces. With all the defenses proving ineffective, Musashi finally awakens from his coma and turns into Cosmos. Although Waroga managed to defeat him, but Shinobu pilot TECCH Spinnar and the army tank who survived attacked his eyes. Cosmos took this gap and crushed it with a Blazing Wave.


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