Warooey is the 7th and last member of the Rooey family and he is the only evil Rooey in Super Bomberman 5. He is also the eldest male.


Warooey is a blue-gray kangaroo with a huge scar on his right eye. He is wearing triangular red sunglasses, blue spiky wristbands and a collar to match said wristbands. He is also smoking a cigar and his hands are bent at a downward angle and has sharp white claws, with the top half of each claw on his fingers also bent at a downward angle, which makes him different from his siblings. 


Warooey joined Terrorin and the Fiendish Bombers to be the mascot. He first appeared with Pirate Bomber and Subordinate Bomber, then Iron Mask Bomber, then Baron Bombano, and lastly Plunder Bomber. He lacks any abilities and is not playable. However, Warooey does have a good side because of the video of Youtuber Labbed Super Bomberman 5 - Get Warooi shows how Warooey is an anti-villain and he can get abilities. This makes Warooey a traitor to the villains and is finally reunited with Gyarooey, Hanerooey, Kerooey, Magicarooey, Marooey and Nagurooey. 

VIDEO on how to get Warooey

Super Bomberman 5 - Get Warooi-0

Super Bomberman 5 - Get Warooi-0

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