And, before you get any half-baked ideas about calling in the cavalry, just remember we're gonna be watching you every step of the way. And we'll be listening on those scanners. And if we see anything unusual, an unmarked car or plane, one human being who even smells like a cop... well, you can just keep your fucking money, Jeff, and I'll send you pieces of her from time to time.
~ Warren Barr threatening Jeff Taylor

Warren "Red" Barr is the main antagonist in the 1997 film Breakdown.

He was portrayed by the late J.T. Walsh, who had also portrayed Frank Fitzsimmons in Hoffa, Lt. Col. Matthew Markinson in A Few Good Men and Martin Swayzak in Backdraft.

Warren is a sneaky truck driver who kidnaps Jeff Taylor's wife, Amy after his Jeep broke down while driving from Boston to San Diego. Warren offers both of them a ride and Jeff starts to find out that Warren is not really a helpful man and that he has friends who are partners in crime. Jeff also realizes that Warren is also after his money. Jeff asks for Amy back, but Warren refuses to give her back.

Later, Jeff fights Warren on his rig and then Warren falls on the ground near a highway. Jeff then starts up his pickup along with Warren's stuck big rig and it crashes onto Warren, killing him.

After Warren dies, Amy and Jeff kiss each other after surviving Warren's kidnapping.



  • This was the third time J.T. Walsh starred in a film with Kurt Russell. The first being Backdraft, the second Executive Decision and this would be one of his later films until he died in February of 1998. Breakdown was Walsh's last film released during his lifetime.