Warren Cox

Warren Cox is an antagonist from the 1985 film Brewster's Millions.

He was portrayed by Stephen Collins.


Warren Cox was introduced to Monty Brewster by his girlfriend Angela Drake. Like Drake, Cox worked for the law firm of Granville & Baxter. Brewster was in the process of spending $30 million in 30 days left by his rich uncle in order to get his real inheritance of $300 million. Drake was assigned as an accountant to keep track of Brewster's spending but did not know what was going on. After their initial meeting, Brewster came away with the impression that Cox was a "real asshole."

Cox was let in on the plan by the corrupt George Granville and Norris Baxter, who wanted Brewster to fail in spending the money so that they would obtain the $300 million. Cox worked his way into Brewster's inner circle. Under their instructions, Cox hid a $20,000 deposit so that he could spring it on Brewster at the last possible moment, causing Brewster to fail to fulfill the terms of his uncle's will and losing out on the $300 million.

After Brewster spent the entire $30 million, Cox sprung the $20,000 deposit on Brewster at the last possible moment as they were riding in the elevator up to the law firm's offices. From an adjoining room Cox watched as Brewster tried to explain what happened, eagerly awaiting the stroke of midnight where Brewster would lose out on the $300 million and Cox would be made a partner in the firm. As he observed Brewster talking with Granville and Baxter, Drake approached and asked what was going on. Cox let her in on the secret.

Drake stormed into the conference and let Brewster know that Cox, Granville, and Baxter were out to defraud him. After Brewster punched him Cox threatened to sue Brewster for everything he was worth. Brewster asked Drake to be on retainer as his attorney for $20,000. She responded that she was just a paralegal, so Brewster then offered her the $20,000 so she could go back to law school to complete her law degree.

She hurriedly made out a receipt as the room's grandfather clock struck midnight. Fulfilling the terms of the will, Brewster gained the $300 million inheritance. Executor Edward Roundfield then ordered an investigation of Cox, Granville, and Baxter. As Brewster and Drake left together, Brewster told Cox that he would see him in the funny papers.

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