Warren Fox (1977-) is an antagonist from the British soap opera television series Hollyoaks.

Warren has served as a central character and one of the main antagonists in 2006-2009, one of the secondary antagonists in 2010-2011, anti-hero in 2016-2017, a minor antagonist in 2018-2019, one of the main protagonists/protagonist villain in 2020 and anti-heroic protagonist in 2021.

He is portrayed by Jamie Lomas.


Murdering People

Warren Fox first murdered his old mate In Sean Kennedy In March 2007 and wife to be Louise Summer In December 2008, In 2009 but revelead In 2010 Warren stabbed and killed Dale Greer then put his body In the cellar and Dale was buried as Warren, In February 2011 Warren shot and killed Kyle Ryder when he was attacking Warrens friend Threasa McQueen and In April 2017 when Warren was led to believed that Bart McQueen was responsible for his sister Katy's death, so Warren beats him to death. Warren has also attempted to kill many other people such as, Justin Burton, Clare Devine, Mitzeee Minniver, Brendan Brady, Sienna Blake, and even his own son Joel Dexter.

Rivalry With Brendan Brady

Brendan and Warren meet In December 2010 when Brendan catches Warren In the cellar of the the Chez Chez club formerly known back then as the Loft they Introduce each other things get messy when Brendan murders Danny Houston after Danny signs his share of the club to they dumb his body In the local river, In March 2011 Warren tells Ste Hay who Brendan occasionally sleeps with and denies but has feelings for that he killed Danny because of Ste this angers Brendan and the the twi fight they way through the village.

In September 2011 Brendan Is arrested for the murder of Rae Wilson who was murdered by Silas Blissett and then who set Brendan up later Brendan ask's Warren to help him but Warren asks him to sign over his half of the loft Brendan refuses and Warren decides not to help him Warren gets his thugs to beat Brendan up when Silas is finally caught and arrested In November 2011, Brendan returns to the village to find that Warren has a son Joel Dexter. When Brendan tries to bond with Joel,

Warren tells Joel not to trust him In December 2011 Mitzeee and Brendan try and get Warren put behind bars for the murder of his ex Louise Summers, They do so after Warren gets the better of Brendan In a fight and takes Mitzeee to where Louise Is burried

After they all got out, Warren confronted Sienna and was moments away from killing her. However, after Joel intervenes, he stops and kisses Sienna, saying that was their goodbye kiss.


Sienna convinced Shane to fake kidnap her and ended up calling the police on him to set him up. Warren, believing Sienna had really been kidnapped went to rescue her and the pair ended up sleeping together. The reunion didn't last long however, when Warren learned what Sienna had really done he told her that he didn't love her. A few weeks later, despite initially being ignored by Warren, she informs him that she's pregnant. In April 2017 the pair learned that they were expecting twins.

Many Departures And Return

Warren returned on the 29th October 2010, revealing that he survived the fire and left again a year later on the 23rd December 2011 when he was arrested for the murder of Louise Summers, Warren was released sometime In June and returned the show full time on the 1st July 2016, Warren left again by going on the run after kidnapping one of his twins (The Daughter) on the 8th November 2017.


Sean Kennedy (2007):- Head truama when Warren hits Sean In the back of the head with a peace of wood.

Louise Summers (2008):- Warren smothers her with a pillow after he finds out Louise was planning on killing him on their wedding day.

Dale Greer (2009):- Although revealed in 2010, Warren stabs Dale. changes his clothes, puts him in the cellar of the burning The Loft.

Kyle Ryder (2011):- While Kyle Is attacking Threasa and her family, Warren shoots him In the back. killing him.

Bart McQueen (2017):- When Warren was led to believe that Bart was responsible by his own son Joel to save his own skin, Warren beat Bart to death.

Cormac Ranger (2021):- Warren beat him up for abusing Felix. Cormac later died in hospital.


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