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Warren Fox is a fictional character and anti-hero of from the British soap opera television series Hollyoaks.

He first appeared as one of the main antagonists in 2006-2009, one of the secondary antagonists in 2010-2011, an unseen antagonist in 2012-2015, an anti-hero in 2016-2017, a minor antagonist in 2018-2019 and the protagonist villain in 2020-2022 onwards.

He is portrayed by Jamie Lomas.



Warren was born in the 1975 and by the 80s his parents had died due to a car crash leaving him, his sister Katy and foster brother, Spencer to fend for themselves when they are put into a care home and while in the care home Warren would often be bullied by Felix Westwood bit looked up to his social worker, Cormac Ranger whom helped Warren into a brief professional boxing career but Warren would not notice Cormac's racial and physical abuse towards Felix. By 1993 Warren would meet a woman named Marie Fielding and she has a son unknown to Warren untill November 2011 Warren would later meet a criminal known as Sean Kennedy and the two would rise as gangsters when they move to spain and set up a ton of dodge buissness' where they can launder money and traffic drugs however Sean would double cross Warren leading Warren to be sent down for 18 months in a Spanish prison.


Warren arrives in Hollyoaks village in June 2006 and begins to torment his former friend in Sean Kennedy whom set Warren up for a crime they both committed by pinning all the evidence on Warren, Warren demands 100,000 pounds from Sean and when Sean is unable to pay it he offers Warren, Lousie Summers his wife however Warren would not go through with it and would later take Sean's buissness, Evissa, Warren then begins targeting the village by getting the local buissness' such as The Loft and Drive'N Buy attacked by his associates, Warren then offers his "security" to many of teb local buissness'.

By 2007, Warren is into a ongoing feud with Clare Devine whom he often sleeps with but the two clash over The Loft, in March 2007, Sean returns and begins to blackmail Louise leading Warren to kidnap Sean and end up killing him Warren then later gets Justin who is a errand boy for Warren to relocate Sean's body and when Clare is attacked in June 2007, Warren is one of the main suspects and was sent to prison for the crime however he had slept with Mercedes McQueen the night it took place and Warren was found not guilty at the trial, Warren would later buy The Loft from Clare for 500,000 pounds but in a revenge Clare would kidnap Warren's sister Katy and a which leads to a car chase leading to Clare's supposed death and in December 2007, Warren wins Darren Osborne's share of The Dog in The Pound after he beats him during a poker night.

By 2008, Warren clashes with the Osborne/Dean family as his taken his role of part pub owner to charge however when two of Warren's gangster associates, Carl and and Anthony arrive they attempt to carry out a robbery out at The Dog lead Darren to be shot however he would surrive this leads Warren to sign his share back over to Jack. By April 2008 Sean's body is found by two of the local teens and Katy discovers that Warren killed Sean leading her to scold her brother before departing, Warren is shocked when Lousie is arrested for Sean's murder and charged this leads Warren to force Darren help him pin the murder on Jake Dean who is unstable leading to Jake to confess to Sean's murder and be charges, Louise is then released and in August 2008, Warren would begin to make Calvin believe he killed Nige Foster following a fight and by December 2008, Warren would murder Louise on their wedding following his discovery of her to kill him for him having a affair with Mandy Richardson, Warren's crimes would then by exposed by May 2009 and he would soon be held captive by a revengeful Clare who later sets fire to The Loft supposedly killing Warren.


Against a the odds, Warren is seen to be still alive after he kills a Fox and leaves it in The Loft he then is revealed to be working with Mandy who he is in a relationship with and ine of the reasons Warren is back is to help Mandy exact revenge on Tony Hutchinson who left Mandy in a foreign country this leads Warren to targeted Tony's desperate for cash brother, Dominic Riley, Warren then offers Dominic a lone however this is revealed to be part of Warren's plan to orchestrate Dominic into setting fire to the buisness' and it works leading to two of the local villagers, Malachy Fisher and Steph Roach dead, Warren is confronted by Mandy and Tony but smugly tells them they have no proof he was involved and the second but main reason Warren returned was he was receiving threatening texts to his phone stating they "know what he done" it's the revealed, Theresa McQueen knew what Waren did when he confronts her and its revealed Warren murdered a ex soldier in Dale Greer by stabbing him and changing his cloths he reveals to Theresa that he bribed the forensics to say Dale was Warren through dental records, Warren strikes a friendship with Theresa when she reveals that she killed Calvin, Warren then later helps protect Theresa from Kyle Ryder whom Warren ends up shooting dead and Mandy is later revealed to have been the one sending Warren the texts and Warren would begin a relationship with Mitzeee Minniver.

Warren meets both Danny Houston and Brendan Brady in December 2010 when Brendan catches Warren in the cellar of the the Chez Chez club formerly known back then as the Loft they introduce each other things get messy when Brendan murders Danny after Danny signs his share of the club to they dumb his body in the local river but by late March 2011 Warren tells Ste Hay who Brendan occasionally sleeps with and denies but has feelings for that he killed Danny because of Ste this angers Brendan and the the two fight they way through the village and by September 2011 Brendan is arrested for the murder of Rae Wilson who was murdered by Silas Blissett and then who set Brendan up later Brendan ask's Warren to help him but Warren asks him to sign over his half of the loft Brendan refuses and Warren decides not to help him Warren gets his thugs to beat Brendan up when Silas is finally caught and arrested In November 2011, Brendan returns to the village to find that Warren has a son Joel Dexter. When Brendan tries to bond with Joel,

Warren tells Joel not to trust him In December 2011 Mitzeee and Brendan try and get Warren put behind bars for the murder of his ex Louise Summers, They do so after Warren gets the better of Brendan In a fight and takes Mitzeee to where Louise is burried and prepares to kill Mitzeee for betraying him and later fights with Brendan whom arrives, Warren proves to strong for Brendan and is about to finish Brendan off by beating him with a rock but Joel double crosses Warren and knocks him out from behind, Warren is then arrested and charged for Louise's murder.


Warren is then seen just over four years later when he returns in May 2016 making a phone call to lawyer, James Nightingale in an effort to get Warren released from Prison and again against all the odds Warren is released and while off-screen for a a month before he returns to the village Warren meets Maxine Blake where he poses as "Mike Jones" in a effort to hide who he is to Maxine as Maxin le is the sister of Warren's ex-girlfriend, Mitzeee whom helped put Warren in prison back in December 2011, Sienna Blake however manages to discover who Warren is and blackmails her into helping her find out what happend to her father Patrick Blake as Sienna suspects Maxine had something to do with her father going missing, Warren manages to get Maxine to confess that she moved Patrick's body to the village wall along with Darren and Nancy but when the police search the body it had already been moved by Darren and Nancy, Warren the begins a relationship with Sienna as the two developed very strong feelings for one another during their relationship Warren buys the local garage and begins up a buissness however much to the anger of some of the villagers such as Tony Hutchinson and Frankie Osborne, Frankie started a hate campaign to get Warren out of the village as she tells Warren she knows that he was the real culprit behind her daughter's (Steph Dean's) death. However Warren meets Grace Black who offers him a buissness deal but Warren turns the offer down and later Grace attempts to get rid of Warren by shooting Sienna and setting up Warren as revenge for Sienna beingvable to move on after the affair with Grace's ex-husband inTrevor Royle however Grace ends up shooting her half younger brother, Liam Donovan instead and the end up trying to frame Warren however despite getting arrested Warren is released die to the lack of evidence.

By late 2016, Warren discover that Maxine is pregnant with his child but the two would tragically lose the child when Maxine miscarried after being trapped in a lift with little oxygen supply by Nico whom tells Warren that it was Cameron Campbell leading to the two men into a heated confrontation i the very lift Maxine was trapped in when Warren purposely stops the lift however before things can go any further Maxine comes in between them. By November Warren learns that it was Nico who made Maxine lose his child as well as murdering three people such as Carly Bradley, Patrick (who Sienna is currently taken the fall for during this part) and Trevor, Warren confronts Aienna whom is currently in prison for Patrickss murder and threatens to kill Nico unless Sienna tells her the truth seeing no option Sienna tells the police the truth and is released and Nico is "killed" during spooktacluar after Cameron sets fire to the maze as revenge for Nico nearly killing his daughter Peri and when Warren opts to save Sienna instead of Nico. This leads Sienna to plot against Warren by using Warren's son, Joel in attempt to make Warren accidentally kill Joel somehow however Joel tells Warren by January 2017 after he was nearly killed in a fire by Sienna this leads Warren to prepare to kill Sienna however he is stopped by Joel when he threatens to go to the police if he harms Sienna. After a few weeks, Sienna convinced Shane to fake kidnap her and ended up calling the police on him to set him up. Warren, believing Sienna had really been kidnapped went to rescue her and the pair ended up sleeping together. The reunion didn't last long however, when Warren learned what Sienna had really done he told her that he didn't love her. A few weeks later, despite initially being ignored by Warren, she informs him that she's pregnant and the two reconcile however Joel lies to Warren by telling him that Bart is responsible for Katy's death (when Joel is the real culprit). By April 2017 both Warren and Siennalearn that they were expecting twins but Warren would later murder Bart McQueen by beating him to death for his involvement in Katy's death, Warren then dumps Bart's body in the grave of the also recently murdered Amy Barnes.

Warren would also win back ownership of The Loft Nightclub when Grace asks for a loan of 50,000 pounds off Warren in a effort ro save Esther who was kidnapped by her half brother Liam. Warren gave Grace a deadline of paying the money back the money by the end of the Dan or he takes The Loft and Grace is unable to pay Warren whom then reclaims The Loft and rubs Grace's nose in it leading her to discover Bart is missing and attempts to enlist a gangster named Butler to attack Warren and demand information however Warren would soon overcome Butler who tells him that Grace put him up to it when Warren confronts her she breaks down stating that his always one step ahead however instead of reveling in Hrace breaking down Warren sympathizes with her and offers 50% of the share of The Loft back and the two would enter into a affair for months but Warren would feel bad when Sienna is diagnosed with cervical cancer and eventually they agree to get married unware that Grace would fall in love with Warren but Warren would mock Grace and she would stab him in the back nearly killing him but when Warren is high on Morphine he accidentally mistakes Sienna for Gra e and threatens to kill her if she tells Sienna of their affair leading Sienna and Grace into a heated confrontation but the two would soon see that Warren is the problem and they conspire to kill Warren in a effort to get rid of him. Warren would confront Grace over her antics of stabbing him he then would threaten her child, Curtis Royle, Warren would also clash with fellow ruthless gangster, Glenn Donovan who attempts to help Sienna escape Warren along with Grace but Warren outsmarts both Grace and Glenn when he kidnaps Sienna and holds her hostage in a big off the scale home in the middle of no where he then threatens both Grace and Glenn to back off, Sienna has her twins and after being found by Esther Bloom, Farrah Malik and Kim Butterfield find Sienna and Warren that her Cancer had returned leaving Warren devastated he vows to be a better person but Sienna tells Warren that his gone to far this time on top of Barts body being found as well as discovering that Joel was responsible for Katy's death and kidnaps Joel and prepares to kill him but was talked out of it by Tony and later seeing no option but to flee, Warren would kidnap his twin daughter and name her Katy in memory of his sister before fleeing the village leaving Sienna with Sebastian but devastated he took the baby girl.


Warren would make two brief one of returns after his 2017 exit the first being six months after his exit when he returns in May 2018 when he follows Sienna on the roof of the Hostpital where he see that she and Nico are still alive (both having faked their deaths to con one another), Warren manipulates Sienna that his truly sorry for taking their daughter but when Nico attacks Sienna, Warren swoops in and takes his son leaving Sienna devastated and childless again as a month later Sienna would kill Nico in self defence by hitting over the head with a blunt object.

Warren then returns for a one-off for a second time well over a year after his first on-off return this time in July 2019 when Sienna rightly suspects she sees her twins with a nanie butt the nannie manages to persuade Sienna that they are her brothers children however Warren would meet up with the nannie whom tells Warren about Sienna's antics, Warren laughs before stating Sienna will never get the better of him and sacking the nannie and reiterating his car before leaving.


When his son, Sebastian tragically develops leukaemia, Warren sees no option other then return to Hollyoaks in a effort to approach Sienna however in classic Warren Fox style he instead kidnaps Sienna's current boyfriend in Brody Hudson and holds him hostage in a shipping container in a effort to gain Sienna's attention with out going to the police he texts Sienna on a unknown number and meets with her where she attacks him but Warren ends up telling her about Sebastian's illness, Sienna complys but threats to kill Warren if he harms Brody however Brody is later saved by Damon and Liberty who manage to track him down and Sienna discovers Warren's plan to flee with the twins again causing her to take them and flee, Warren then begins to try and track down Sienna with Joel and Brody and when they get a lead in Manchester, Warren ends up opening up about his childhood and the abuse he endured while in a care home he calls a truce with Brody and begins to stay at The Dog with Joel whom is currently in a relationship with Goldie McQueen this leads Warren into a lustful relationship with Mercedes when he begins to sleep with her and this leads Warren to begin a feud with Liam Donovan who Mercedes suspects shot her, Warren confronts Liam when he threatens Mercedes with a pair of thugs leading Warren to require 10× the number of thugs Liam had with him to prove to Liam he isn't playing around Warren offers Liam a deal to flip a coj and if he win he lives and if he loses Warren will kill him, Liam loses out and Warren prepares to kill Liam but Joel manages to stop Warren from doing so Warren then pours a bottle of beer and Liams lap before threating him again and despite being shaken by Warren, Liam plots revenge on Warren when he enlists Maxine to spike his drink and later pretends to be Sienna on a unknown number pretending that Sebastian has taken the turn for the worse leading Warren to beat up Liam and to be sent to prison but James manages to get Warren released from prison when James discovers texts from Liam goading Warren and when released, Warren sets out to kill Liam again but Liam overhears his plan as he hides from Warren and rings in a couple of heavies to do Warren in leading Warren to be put in a coma later Warren awakens to discover Liam has taken a number of people hostage in The Dog, Warren later breaks in and beats up Liam as everyone escapes Liam is then later killed by Grace.

Warren would soon find out that Sienna has returned to the village and in a effort to stop her fleeing again Warren reasons with Sienna by recording a confession tape of his (then) five direct murders and gives the recording and the two of them call a true but Warren would bump into his childhood bully, Felix Westwood and ends up punching Felix and a few months later Warren confronts Felix and orders him out the village but as the two sqaure off Felix tells Warren that the social worker, Cormac Ranger whom Warren looked up to physically abused Felix leading Warren to call Cormac and confront him but Cormac denies any wrong doing but Warren would spot Cormac tormenting and goading Felix causing Warren to throw away his Boxing medal that he earned thanks to Cormac and call a truce with Felix and the two would end up in business together when Felix buys the garage but when the two have a disagreement over the name of the garage causing Warren to jokingly lock Felix in a cupboard and leave him there but Warren if shocked when he let's Felix out and Felix tells Warren that Cormac did the exact same thing as well as punching Warren for doing it leave Warren and Brody stunned the two encourage Felix to confront Cormac and Warren coasts Cormac to the garage where he and Felix confront Cormac into admitting what he put Felix through as a child due to the colour of his skin however things would take an unexpected turn when Cormac apologises to Felix leading Brody to have a flashback to his sexual abuser, Buster Smith causing him to punch Cormac who in response picks up a wrench but Warren kicks him to the the ground where Cormac in response would belittle Warren and admits he should of abused him aswell as Felix leading Warren to beat up Cormac to near death putting him in hospital and in the coming months Warren and Felix would worry over Brody coming under pressure especially when Cormac's daughter, Summer Ranger arrives.

By February 2021, Cormac would eventually come to his injuries and have a heart attack and die. Warren would then come to work with two gangsters the first being Brad King who asks Warren to aid him in a heist to steal high tech laptops and the second being Fergus Collins the latter running Brad out of town, Warren like Brad did would be approached by Fergus due to his criminal reputation and offers him onside of his buissness' as a landlord amongst other projects however Warren is unaware that Fergus is not only a gangster but an extremely perverted one as he has an online deep web camera operation that spy on a number of women whom are unaware known as "Operation Bluebird" as Warren enters into buissness with Fergus, Warren also begins a relationship with Maxine but he slowly begins to be manipulated by Fergus whom often coasted Warren to the more hands on work such as robbery in the local shop known as Price Slice where Warren would push shop owner, Walter Deveraux in hospital after pushing past Walter causing Walter to break his ribs and despite both Joel and Felix telling Warren that Fergus is untrustworthy Fergus manages to talk his away around Warren, by September 2021, Warren murderers Brody in a hit and run in a bid to stop Brody from going to the police over Cormac's death and later Warren would also be involved in the murder of Fergus' associate, Timmy Simmons after Fergus shoots Timmy dead and Warren helps bury Timmy's body with Fergus however after this Warren nearly kills Felix in the orders of Fergus but is stopped and talked down by Joel and the three plan to take down Fergus but Warren is set up by Fergus for Human Trafficking after Fergus attempts to to sell Maxine for one million pounds Warren punches Fergus when he finds out about Fergus' dodge operation but is arrested for Human Trafficking when he attempts to save Maxine and despite Warren telling the police it was Fergus he is sent to prison where at one point he had to fight off three prisoners in impressive fashion when they where sent to kill him by the prison guard whom was ordered to do so by Fergus however Warren surrives and is later arrested for Timmy's murder but is released.

After his release Warren focuses more on his relationship with Maxine and make back friends with Felix following a boxing match in January, 2022, Warren would be over heard talking to his prison therapist Hounor about Brody's murder and is later ran down purposely by an unknown assailant leading Warren tenant to keep proving himself as the alpha male type and he does things such as challenge Felix to a tire flipping contest, beat up Sam Chen Williams and ends up in a pain killer addiction later Warren would be attacked by Ethan Williams as revenge for Warren attack Sam but Warren proves too much for Ethan and over powers him Warren threatens Ethan into helping him track down the hit and run driver later revealed to be Joel, Warren would scare off Ethan's rival gang leading them to strike a deal, Ethan tracks down the hit and run driver as well as a free endless supply of meds, Warren would however later accidentally course a fire putting his twins lives in danger causing him to come off the meds and begins to try and get his life back on track, Warren then discover that Sienna is in debt and in a bid to help her and prove a point in April 2022 Warren steals an ambulance full of hostpital drugs that Sienna and her accomplice Ste need to pay back what they owe.


List of people victimized by Warren

  1. Neville Ashworth - Warren targeted Neville's buissness, Drive'N Buy as a way to get Neville to agree to Warren's "security buissness".
  2. Sarah Barnes - Threatend by Warren's thug when while shes working on the till in Drive'N Buy.
  3. Brendan Brady - Feuded with Brendan.
  4. Cheryl Brady - Use's Cheryl to get one up on Brendan.
  5. Grace Black - Feuded with Grace as well as taking The Loft from her.
  6. Mel Burton - Uses Mel for sex.
  7. Justin Burton - Warren would later bully and enlist Justin to become his errand boy.
  8. Doug Carter - Blackmails Doug into not to tell Rielly about the affair between Mercedes and Carl as Warren is currently blackmailing Carl for money, Warren the threatens Doug physically and verbally to keep stum other he will kill him.
  9. Carl Costello - Blackmailed by Warren over the affair with Mercedes McQueen.
  10. Riley Costello - Set Riley up on multiple scams such as making riley hook up with a associate.
  11. Seth Costello - Made Seth believe that he murdered a striper named Honey however It was a pig that Warren had killed.
  12. Max Cunningham - Targeted by Warren whom often manipulated Max into him managing The Loft for his security when Max sacked Warren, Warren ordered his men to attack The Loft while it was full of people.
  13. Jake Dean - Pinned the murder of Sean Kennedy on a unstable Jake with the help of Darren Osborne and Justin Burton.
  14. Walter Deveraux - Targeted Walter's buissness (Price Slice) under Fergus' orders
  15. Clare Devine - Feuded with Clare.
  16. Glenn Donovan - Tricks Glenn into thinking Sienna has gone missing because of him.
  17. Spencer Grey - Warren often lashed out at a vulnerable and scared Spencer even going as far as too hitting him on a couple of occasions.
  18. Ste Hay - Was often seen been tormented by Warren due to Ste's scally behaviour.
  19. Tony Hutchinson - Tricked by Warren into letting Warren use his security for Tony's Tony's buissness and then targeted by Warren inns revenge plot with Mandy for Tony leaving Mandy abroad.
  20. Sean Kennedy - Terrosied Sean into paying him 100,000 pounds in compensation for spending 18 months in a Spanish jail for fraud which was set up by Sean, Warren then forces Sean to sign over his buisness in Evissa.
  21. Misbah Maalik - Made a struggling Misbah pay extra rent fees when he was landlord along with Fergus.
  22. Thersa McQueen - Targeted and threatens Therdsa after he returns thinking shes the one sending him threating texts.
  23. Maxine Minniver - Tricked Maxine into thinking his name is "Mike Jones" and gets engaged to her in an effort to get revenge on Mitzeee.
  24. O.B. - Manipulates O.B. into buying into his security.
  25. Darren Osborne - Took Darren's share of The Dog during a poker game he won leaving Darren with nothing and months later forces Darren to help plant Sean's wallet in Jake's room.
  26. Frankie Osborne - Feuded with Frankie over the share of the Dog aswell as setting up Frankie's son, Jake for murder and being behind the death of Frankie's youngest daughter, Steph.
  27. Jack Osborne - Feuded with Jack over his share of The Dog.
  28. Russ Owen - Sleeping with Russ' fiancee, Mercedes McQueen.
  29. Summer Ranger - Murders Summer's father causing the change of events of Summer to be hell bent on revenge against Brody.
  30. Dominic Reilly - Targeted by Warren whom tricked Dominic into thinking he will solve his money problems he instead preys more on Dominic's depression by stating he should set the buisness on fire.
  31. Mandy Richardson - Ran Mandy put of Hollyoaks village when he discovers Mandy was sending threating text messages.
  32. Freddie Roscoe - Cons Freddie by buying The Garage that Freddie attempted to keep from getting sold to the bank.
  33. Gilly Roach - Harmed by Warren's thug when Warren orders the thug to attack Drive'N Buy.
  34. Etha Scott - Blackmails Ethan into giving him an alibi when he plans to kill Brendan Brady.
  35. Calvin Valentine - Feuded with Calvin as well as made Calvin think he murdered Nige Foster and also later use Calvin's sister to get back at Calvin.
  36. Sasha Valentine - Uses Sasha to get at Calvin.
  37. Ethan William's - Forces Ethan into helping him track down his hist and run driver otherwise he will harm Ethan and his family.


  1. Sean Kennedy (2007): Head truama when Warren hits Sean in the back of the head with a baseballbat.
  2. Louise Summers (2008): Warren smothers her with a pillow after he finds out Louise was planning on killing him on their wedding day.
  3. Dale Greer (2009): Although revealed in December 2010, Warren stabs Dale. changes his clothes, puts him in the cellar of the burning The Loft.
  4. Steph Dean (2010): Died in the IL gnosh fire started by Dom Reilly on the orders of warren
  5. Malachy Fisher (2010): Died as a result of injuries sustained in explosion caused by the IL gnosh fire on started by Dom Reilly on the orders of warren.
  6. Danny Houston (2010): After Warren planned to kill Danny he would later watch Brendan beat Danny to death then helped Brendan dispose of Danny's body.
  7. Kyle Ryder (2011): While Kyle is attacking Theresa and her family, because her and Warren had framed him for the murder of Calvin Valentine Warren shoots him in the back. killing him.
  8. Bart McQueen (2017): When Warren was led to believe that Bart was responsible by his own son Joel to save his own skin, Warren beat Bart to death.
  9. Cormac Ranger (2021): Warren beat him up for abusing Felix. Cormac later died in hospital.
  10. Timmy Simmons (2021): Witnesses, Fergus shoot Timmy dead, Warren then helps Fergus dispose of Timmy's body.
  11. Brody Hudson (2021): Ran him over in his car to prevent him from going to the police to reveal the truth about Cormac's murder

Attempted Murders

  1. Clare Devine (2007): Prepared to kill Clare.
  2. Justin Burton (2007): Hits Justin purposely with his van.
  3. Mark Gascoyne (2008): Beating with a baseball bat.
  4. Calvin Valentine (2009): Tried to kill Calvin with a beer cleg during a fight
  5. Theresa McQueen (2010): Planned to murder Theresa by throwing off the village bridge.
  6. Danny Houston (2010): Planned to murder Danny for Danny putting a hit on him.
  7. Mitzeee Minniver (2011): Prepared to strangle Mitzeeem
  8. Brendan Brady (2011): Conspired to murder Brendan.
  9. Brendan Brady (2011): By Proxy, ordered Joel to shoot Brendan dead.
  10. Brendan Brady (2011): Prepared to beat Brendsn with a rock at the end of their fight but Joel stops him.
  11. Sienna Blake (2017): Prepared to kill Sienna for Sienna nearly killing Joel.
  12. Butler (2017): Preapred to shoot Butler
  13. Henchman (2017): Prepared to shoot the henchman whom was working with Butler.
  14. Joel Dexter (2017): Prepared to kill Joel for his involvement in Katy's death.
  15. Liam Donovan (2020): Prepared to kill Liam but was stopped by Joel.
  16. Liam Donovan (2020): Prepared to stab Liam for getting him prison.
  17. Cormac Ranger (2021): Prepared to suffocated but Cormac dies due to the beating Warren gave him months prior.
  18. Walter Deveraux (2021): Forcefully pushes Walter out the way breaking his ribs rendering Walter.
  19. Felix Westwood (2021): Prepared to shoot Felix but was stopped by Joel.
  20. Fergus Collins (2021): Prepared to beat Fergus to death for trying to traffic Maxine however Fergus manages to use Maxine's whereabouts as a bargaining chip.


Do I make myself clear!
~ Warren after he issues a threat to someone.
Do you understand me!
~ Warren again whenever he issues a threat to someone.
I'll kill ya
~ Warren when he issues a serious threat to someone.



  • Jamie Lomas (the actor who played Warren Fox) has been nominated for several awards at the British Soap Award ceremonies for his portrayal of the character, including "Best Actor" in 2008 and 2009; "Sexiest Male" in 2008; and "Villain of the Year" in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011.
    • He has also been nominated at the Inside Soap Awards for 'Best Bad Boy' in 2007 and 2008 and also 'Best Actor' in 2009, before being longlisted for both respective awards in August 2017.
  • The character Warren Fox was selected as one of the "top 100 British soap characters" by industry experts for a poll to be run by What's on TV, with readers able to vote for their favourite character to discover "Who is Soap's greatest Legend?".
  • Although he is best known for his portrayal of Warren Fox in Hollyoaks since 2006 onawards, actor Jamie Loams has also played Jake Stone in EastEnders and Jeff Durkin in Coronation Street.
  • Although he killed fan favourite Brody, he deeply shows remorse and regrets killing him as Brody was one of his best friend. They were there together when they both supported each other when Brody revealed his abuse and Warren revealed his past of being bullied.