Jesse: You f**k!
Chief Kincaid: But you won't! Not Jade anyway. Not any more.
~ Jesse Miller and Chief Kincaid

Chief Warren Kincaid is a supporting antagonist in the horror movie Bride of Chucky. He is the chief of the local police and the uncle of Jade Kincaid.


Chief Kincaid is the controlling legal guardian of his niece Jade. He never felt compassion for any of her choices, and actively tries to prevent her from seeing her boyfriend Jesse. Jade and Jesse plan to run away early in the film to get away from him. However, their first attempt fails when Kincaid abuses his power and has Officer "Needlenose" Norton tail them and personally confronts Jesse, who he assaults and knocks to the ground.

After getting wind of their plan to elope with Tiffany Valentine's money, Kincaid breaks into Jesse's car and tries to plant evidence that Jesse is a drug user. Chucky, who is in the car, sets off a trap he prepared with the airbag that stabs Warren in the face with multiple nails. After referencing Pinhead, Chucky shoves Warren's body into a case.

Later, Warren is revealed to still be alive when he bursts out of the chest. He attempts to escape, but is finally killed when Chucky stabs him in the back and shoves him back in the chest. Jesse's friend David later finds the body.


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