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Warren Williams is a character in Saints Row, appearing as the secondary antagonist in the Vice Kings Story Arc. He was a third-rate rapper (using the name EZ-Money) who later became the Chief Operating Officer of Kingdom Come Records. He also served as second-in-command to Benjamin King, and also managed the illegal gambling side of the Vice Kings business portfolio.

Unfortunately for King, Williams would rather be a direct attacking crime boss than a music mogul. Williams' dissatisfaction with King's reluctance to deal harshly with the Saints and take control of the drug trafficking business from Los Carnales led him to stage a coup to remove King from his position of leadership.

Williams was temporarily successful, but the interference of the Protagonist forced the would-be Vice Kings leader to save himself by attempting to escape in his customized Rattler sports car. Williams' car eventually exploded after being hit by gunfire from King and the Protagonist. Williams was left for dead, but managed to partially drag himself from the wreckage of his car. Williams died when he was shot by his erstwhile lover, Tanya Winters, who decided that she would prefer to control the Vice Kings by herself.

Warren in Saints Row IV.

A virtual version of Warren appears in Saints Row IV inside Johnny Gat's nightmare simulation, in which he kidnaps Johnny's girlfriend Aisha. The mission in which he appears in acts as a 2D Beat 'em up game named Saints of Rage. The Protagonist and Johnny engage in combat with Warren and eventually kill him.


  • His appearance in Saints Row IV is just a normal civilian model with a yellow shirt and chain round his neck. However this isn't noticeable in normal gameplay as the mission is very pixilated.


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