Warship Mask is the fifteenth of the Black Cross Army Masked Monsters under Iron Man Mask General Temujin.


Warship Mask's main schemes were twofold: first, he lead an infiltration of an EAGLE Rocket base to steal the blueprints for a new rocket that is ultimately used to fit upon a battleship that was to be used as the Black Cross' new flying base. His second, more crucial scheme was to help Temujin discover a means to stop Daita Ooiwa's YTC Radio, which ends up ruining his balance in their initial battle and continued to prove a problem for the organization. Sending out Cyborg Q (a girl cyborg given the name "Aya") to seduce and win the trust of Ooiwa, she ultimately leads him to the warship base where Kirenger is captured and his mask ripped to prevent him from summoning the YTC and to send a message to the Gorenger as he, Temujin and the Black Cross Furher launch their new flying weapon and use it to terrorize EAGLE Bases en masse.

Ultimately, it is the betrayal of Cyborg Q to the Gorenger that leads to Warship Mask's downfall, with the female spy returning the blueprints to the rocket to them even at the cost of being attacked by Warship Mask for her own death. The angered Kirenger tries to use the YTC Radio, but the Masked Monster is now immune to its frequency until Cyborg Q, in her final words, gives him the concept to raise the frequency high enough to create a beam that stuns Warship Mask long enough for a Gorenger Storm; the same beam ultimately takes down the flying battleship even as Temujin and the Furher escapes.

Modus and Arsenal

Warship Mask's weapons include turrets on his head he can uses to fire at opponents and a staff with an anchor upon it that can hook on to grasp people by the neck.