The Warstar (commonly referred to as Insectoids) are a military force of insect-like aliens that are the main antagonists of Power Rangers Megaforce the series. They operate from a large mothership that is orbiting around the planet.Their ultimate goal is to either subdue or eliminate the human species and conquer the Earth to use its natural resources and make it into an Insectoid planetary base in a permanent manner. The hierarchy within the group is somewhat defined, with the main members wielding either mobile or immobile personalized/user-coded weaponry, sporting silver-hued armor plating and bearing the emblem of the organization at a metallic label located at the chest. Their symbol is a pentagon containing a flaming, crimson-hued aura and a sphere with three sharp claws at the top of it that extend downwards towards the center in a grasping fashion.


The Warstar were sent in as an advance vanguard by the Armada to invade Earth. Spearheaded by Admiral Malkor, Creepox and Vrak, a member of the royal family, the Warstar attacked Earth. After the seven initial onslaughts failed, and most of their forces were destroyed, the few remaining members strengthen their ranks anew by aligning themselves with another, equally villainous faction: the Toxic Mutants.



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