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Our wavelength is going to measure well together. Let's make all men serve us, as we are the true rulers of the world!
~ Wasp Spider's debut.

Wasp Spider is a spider yokai and the main antagonist of episode 4 of the anime series, Kanokon.

She was voiced by Rumi Kasahara in the Japanese dub.


Wasp Spider takes the appearance of a red leather corset with pink leather tight pantyhose and cotton where the breasts are. The cursed outfit comes with a pair of red high heels, red dress cuffs, bunny ears, a white choker and a black bow tie. Whenever Wasp Spider controls it, it glows bright red. The only piece of clothing that are removable from the outfit are the high heels, as Chizuru was shown without them in a few scenes.



Wasp Spider creating the outfit.

Men became her obsession. She wanted to turn all the men in the world into her prisoners, so she poured all her desire and tenacity into that accursed bunny outfit.
~ Takao Yatsuka explaining Wasp Spider's backstory.

Wasp Spider was a spider yokai of alleged beauty, who had a passion for men but was constantly rejected by them, becoming heartbroken. She had weaved a bunny outfit from her cobwebs and infused her soul into it to possess its wearer in the future.


I can't take this outfit off! (Kyuta: Say what?!) I can't take this bunny outfit off!
~ Chizuru explaining her situation to Kyuta about how the outfit has cursed her.

The bunny outfit in storage and found by Chizuru.

The bunny outfit was kept at Kunpo High School storage facility, where it contained cursed items seized from yokai. One day, Chizuru breaks into the storage facility with her brother Tayura to find something there that could enthrall Kyuta.

Chizuru after she tries on the outfit.

There she had found the bunny outfit and became elated once she tried it on. However, she instantly panicked as she found that it adhered to her body, prompting her to rush to Kyuta in class and inform him about her plight, while embracing him. However, she then commented her fondness of the outfit and asked Kyuta if she looked fabulous. After a conference in the principal's office, Chizuru had no choice but to wear the outfit around the school while being leered at by the student body, much to her distraught.

The outfit weakening Chizuru.

The next day, Chizuru fainted while walking to school in front of Kyuta and their friends, as her vitality was being drained by Wasp Spider. While Chizuru was unconscious at the school nurse's office, Akane attempted to remove the bunny outfit with a pair of scissors. However, Akane was engulfed by a massive surge of light emitted by the outfit, converting her school uniform into a pink nurse's outfit.

Wasp Spider possessing Chizuru and forcing everyone she passes by to wear cosplays.

After Chizuru awakened and noticed Akane's new clothing, the bunny outfit flashed and Akane floated atop a nearby desk in front of Chizuru and Kyuta, whom the latter passes out. Akane believed Chizuru was pulling pranks on her and urged her to stop, but Chizuru denied her agency. As Tyura and Nozomu arrived in the nurse's office, while seeing Akane-much to her frustration-the bunny outfit on Chizuru gleamed and flied her through the school, transforming the student body's uniforms into sexual cosplay, causing pandemonium. As Chizuru had stopped at the school's tennis field, exhausted, Kyuta, Tayura, and Nozomu caught up and tried to contend with the spider yokai.

The cosplayed girls under Wasp Spider's control

However, Wasp Spider telekinetically pined several girls in cosplay onto Kyuta and Tyura and transformed Nozomu's clothes into a maids outfit that also manipulated her. Omi managed to free the girls from Wasp Spider's influence by shredding the cosplay off of them, although it resulted in the school girls to be in their underwear. Shocked and outraged to see her cosplays destroyed, Wasp Spider stripped the girls of their underwear, giving Tyura and Omi nose bleeds from seeing them naked before they then pass out. Wasp Spider then levitated away.

Wasp Spider as wedding dress, planning to be reborn as Chizuru.

At the school's stage, Wasp Spider transformed herself into a wedding dress and initiated her plan to be reborn in Chizuru's body. Fed up, Chizuru passionately tried to remove Wasp Spider from her body, but then collapsed with her energy draining. Kyuta arrived at the auditorium to save Chizuru, but was then immobilized by Wasp Spider.

Kyuta about to kiss Chizuru to save her from Wasp Spider.

Luckily, Tyura and Omi freed Kyuta, who then reached Chizuru and kissed her, merging the two of them together and liberating Chizuru from Wasp Spider. Chizuru and Kyuta then conjured a fireball from their power of love combined and threw it at Wasp Spider, destroying her and reverting the student's clothes back to normal.

In the aftermath, however, Wasp Spider might have survived afterwards as Chizuru mentioned that she could wear the bunny outfit one more time for Kyuta while walking home with him at the end of the episode, much to his distraught.

Powers and Abilities

Wasp Spider possessing Chizuru.

At first, Wasp Spider was dormant when Chizuru first found her as a piece of clothing. However, once Chizuru tried the outfit on, Wasp Spider latched herself onto Chizuru's body and reinvigorated herself by draining her life energy, sometimes causing Chizuru to blackout. Whenever Wasp Spider unleashed her powers, her outfit form gleams vibrantly.

Yuki and Kiriko wearing forced outfits made by Wasp Spider.

Wasp Spider had the ability to levitate and shapeshift as she flew Chizuru around the school and forced sexy cosplay onto her fellow female classmates and principal. She was also able to manipulate her cosplay, as she telekinetically moved Akane and several other girls against their will while wearing them. Wasp Spider could even shapeshift herself into other apparel such as a wedding dress.

Once Wasp Spider completely absorbed her victim's life energy, she would become reborn in their body. However, Wasp Spider was liable without a host, which guaranteed her demise by Kyuta and Chizuru.


Listen! Listen! Everyone's looking at me in a dirty way! Staring and staring! Looking at my butt, and my breasts, and my legs!
~ Chizuru foreshadowing the outfit's perverted nature.

Chizuru being stared at by everyone, hinting the outfit's perverted nature.

When Wasp Spider was alive, she was passionate of men. However, since she had never experienced love, Wasp Spider developed an ambition to create carnal cosplay that she tried to subjugate humanity with.

After Chizuru tried on her cursed outfit, Wasp Spider took the opportunity to cling to her body so she could gain the recognition that she desired from others. She even grew fond of Chizuru's body, as she told the latter how their wavelength would measure well together. She was even lewd and envious of other females as she exploited Chizuru's body and forced every female student to wear sexual cosplays with her supernatural powers, much to everyone's horror and to her amusement. Wasp Spider also had a callous disposition, as she was outraged to see her cosplays be torned off from the female students by Omi, saying that it was "unforgivable", and stripped the girls of their underwear in retaliation.

Wasp Spider was adament to deplete Chizuru of her vitaliity as she tried to prevent Kyuta and even taunted the latter. As Kyuta saved Chizuru by kissing and merging with her, Wasp Spider became confused and shocked after being separated from her victim. She then became terrified at the moment she was destroyed in the end.


  • Despite the fact that the bunny outfit appears in the anime, it did not make an appearance in the manga version of Kanokon.
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