Waspix a techno-organic creature of Quatros.


Wapix living on the planet protected in the reserve of Quatros. When the Witch Doctor appeared on the planet, a female Waspix was enslaved using a corrupted Quaza Spike and lets Witch Doctor to control her using the Skull Staff.

The corupted Waspix battle Furno in aerial combat and stuck in the vines for a brief moment. Later, engaging Furno again and knock to the ground. Stringer dispatching the Quaza Spike and freeing the controlled Waspix, flying off with glee and laughter.

In the Breakout event, another Waspix was implanted with Quaza Spikes and imprisoned the Villain Storage (possible a male and needed to treated for Witch Doctor's Quaza Spike implantment.)

Abilities and Traits

Waspix don't attack unless in a event of provocation. Living as solitary creatures flying in the treetops, occasionally taunting slower beast. Midly intelligent and speaking in a hissing accent, they are the trouble makers of Quatros and pest to other wildlife. They have three stringers, which is capable of delivering a toxin.

Waspix 3

Waspix flying


  • Voiced by Jean Lousia Kelly Waspix in Savage Planet, the same voice of Hero Breez.
  • In the Breakout movie, another Waspix was imprison along with Witch Doctor's controlled animals of Quatros.
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