The Wax Figures are recurring antagonists who appeared in the episode "Headhunters", in the animated Disney series Gravity Falls. They are presumably lead by Wax Sherlock Holmes.

Wax Sherlock Holmes was voiced by John Oliver, Wax Larry King was voiced by Larry King, Wax Coolio was voiced by Coolio, Wax Richard Nixon was voiced by James Rankin, Wax Groucho Marx was voiced by Michael Gough, Wax William Shakespeare was voiced by Greg Ellis, Wax Genghis Khan was voiced by Jimmy Hibbert, Wax Lizzie Borden was voiced by Pippa Haywood, Wax Queen Elizabeth II was voiced by April Winchell, Wax Robin Hood was voiced by Rob Rackstraw, Wax Thomas Edison was voiced by Garry Chalk, and Wax Edgar Allan Poe was voiced by Eric Bauza. Whereas Wax Abraham Lincoln and Wax John Wilkes Booth both appeared as non-speaking characters.


Wax Sherlock Holmes and the other thirteen wax statues were stolen by Grunkle Stan from a Garage Sale. They soon became a tourist attraction as the Gravity Falls Wax Museum and during waxing moons, they came alive and ruled the Mystery Shack and caused mayhem. However, the wax museum was forgotten by Grunkle Stan and the statues were locked in a room; the door being covered in wallpaper.

Wax Sherlock Holmes, along with the rest of the wax statues, begin to plot their revenge against Grunkle Stan while inside. Eventually, Soos discovers the mysterious door by placing the fallen door knob back into the hole and reopening the storage room. Mabel then hatches an idea to build a wax statue of Grunkle Stan, but when it's later presented to the public, a news reporter points out that the flyers specifically read "free pizza" and that Stan was ripping them off. This upset many of the tourists, who left angrily.

The statue of Stan is later found headless. This is the act of Wax Sherlock Holmes who had utilized their freedom as an advantage to kill Grunkle Stan. However, the wax figures accidentally get wax Stan instead. Dipper then interrogates each of the suspects for evidence.

After Dipper finds out that the real culprits were the wax statues, Wax Sherlock Holmes came alive and assaulted the twins along with the other statues. He fought with Dipper who led him upstairs and outside through a window. Then he started to melt because of the rising sun. His remains then slid off the roof and fell onto the ground.



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